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When you’re flying into Chicago via Midway International, stay near the airport for the utmost convenience.

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The Windy City always looks better from a friendly airport hotel.

When you stay in a Midway Intl Airport hotel, you’re right near the tarmac. Slip off your plane, collect your luggage, and head straight to your lodgings to deposit your luggage and clean up. While you can easily head to Chicago itself, there are also several attractions within a short drive of your accommodation. Around 4 km down I-50 you’ll find Ford City Mall, a sprawling complex with over 135 restaurants, stores, and a movie theatre—shop, eat, and be entertained all in one swoop. Just over a kilometre east of the airport is Pasteur Park, which features a couple of tennis courts and a playground. Stretch your legs after a long flight by walking around, or let the kids play on the slide after being cooped up on a plane for several hours.

About 17 km north of Midway is Chicago and its variety of amusements. Head over to Shedd Aquarium and get to know the local sea life, including various fish and sea turtles. Right next to Shedd is the Field Museum, which features exhibits based around science and innovation…and it also hosts the skeletal remains of Sue, the world’s largest Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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