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What Are the Best Activities in Canada?

Thanks to its huge size, there’s a wide variety of fun places in Canada in 2024, including city sightseeing. From exploring the Canadian Rockies to discovering historic Old Montreal, there are plenty of attractions for families, couples and budget travellers. One of Canada’s top attractions, the CN Tower is popular with tourists thanks to its views across Toronto. Ontario’s Niagara Falls is another top attraction in Canada with people travelling from everywhere to see the amazing waterfalls. 

What Are Some of the Best Activities in the World?

No matter which places you go to in 2024, there’ll always be plenty to see and do whether you are into city breaks or hiking adventures. If you are looking for things to do in nature, a trip to Jasper National Park in Alberta or hiking the Yukon’s Grizzly Lake Trail could be on your travel wish list. Those who enjoy city breaks will find many exciting attractions in the likes of Quebec City, Edmonton and Ottawa. Almost every province in Canada has unique things to do near you this weekend and attractions to visit, so you won’t want to stay home in 2024. 

What Are the Best Activities Nearby?

From tours to historic attractions and cultural events, there’s always a variety of activities near you, stuff to do and places to go regardless of where you find yourself in 2024. A quick search on the Expedia website will bring up all your local attractions, so you’ll never be