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Are vacation packages worth it?

Vacation packages can help you save on your 2023 vacation. Booking several elements of your vacation simultaneously (including hotel and airfare) can save you even more through bundling. Flight and hotel packages can include a car rental at your destination. Check out our travel package deals today on Expedia!

How much do vacation packages cost?

The exact cost of a vacation package will depend on factors such as destination, accommodation quality, flight class, and even the time of year you visit. The type of vacation package you select can also affect the cost since options like beach vacation packages, kid friendly vacation packages and all-inclusive packages can include many distinct and different add-ons.  

How to choose your vacation package?

To find the best vacation package, you'll need to consider the type of vacation you're looking to enjoy, the destination, and your budget. Using the site's search function, you can find a wide variety of packages available for your chosen vacation location, while search filters can narrow down options based on vacation type by amenities and attractions. Browse our travel deals now.

How to find cheap vacation packages?

If you're looking to save, be sure to set filters for budget limitations first. Additionally, you can sort by price to automatically put the cheapest options first in your search results. Flexible travel dates may get you better deals if you are looking for cheap trips and getaways that pack even more bang for the buck.

How to vacation on a budget?

Cheap getaways are always a possibility with the help of Expedia. We offer a wide selection of options that go beyond our search filters. Trip packages are generally cheaper during the off-season, and higher-quality amenities usually carry a higher price tag so plan accordingly.

How to get great vacation deals?

Vacation deals are a big part of Expedia’s business, so we recommend keeping an eye on our package deals page. We’re proud to offer plenty of discounts on great packages, with many providing discounted rates compared to booking hotels and flights separately. Plus, Expedia Rewards members have access to exclusive travel deals that other visitors to Expedia can't take advantage of. 

How to find last-minute vacation deals?

To book last-minute vacation trips, simply input your travel dates and see what's available for your destination of choice. You can filter based on virtually anything you can imagine, including amenities, price, star rating, and more. 

Where should I go on vacation?

Booking a Turks and Caicos vacation package is especially popular given its exotic locale. Families and couples also love our Mexico packages. Consider the kind of vacation you're looking for to determine the perfect destination. 

What are some of the best vacation spots?

Top vacation places for travelers in Canada include cheap Greece vacations and Maldives vacation packages. With rich culture, history, and stunning natural beauty, a vacation package to these destinations offers an unforgettable adventure. 

Where should I go on a vacation in Canada?

Staying close to home is always a great option for adventure seekers in Canada. If you’re looking to Canada vacation packages, popular spots include Niagara Falls and Toronto. Regardless of the destination, Expedia can help you get there. 

Where to go on vacation on a budget?

Cheap vacation ideas can still take you to a variety of great cheap vacation destinations, including Yellowstone vacations and Glacier National Park vacations. Parks and outdoor experiences tend to be free, so national park vacations are excellent for a budget-friendly trip. 

What are some great all-inclusive vacation packages?

All-inclusive vacations to Bali and all-inclusive vacations to Hawaii are some of the best options available, putting you in a tropical paradise. However, all-inclusive vacations are more varied than you might think, with worldwide options that won’t disappoint. 

What are the best destinations for a family vacation?

Traveling with kids means you'll need to find fun for the whole family, and Disneyland vacation packages can put you and your little ones in the most magical place on Earth. Believe it or not, a vacation package to Las Vegas offers a kid-friendly vacation as well with many shows and attractions geared toward families. 

Where should I go on vacation this summer?

If you're looking to embrace the season, head to the beach with a summer vacation package to Bora Bora. Of course, you may be more interested in escaping the heat with something like a vacation package to Vancouver

How to find cheap beach vacations?

Put the filter tool to work to uncover vacations on the beach that won’t break the bank. Some filters may point you toward vacation packages to Panama City or vacation packages to Myrtle Beach. Don’t forget to sort your search by cheapest first!  

What are some great couples’ vacations?

Traveling with your partner means a more romantic adventure, which is easy when you book vacation packages to Honolulu. However, you can always opt for the classics and get a vacation package to Paris. Romantic vacation packages are great for couples looking to unwind and relax. 

What are the best destinations for a luxury vacation?

India, Portugal and France are some of the top destinations for luxury vacation packages. To explore a beautiful domestic destination with luxurious Canada vacation package is another memorable experience. Finally, Golf vacations are quite elegant and exclusive. 

How to find great Christmas vacation packages?

To find an excellent Christmas vacation deal, simply put your travel dates into the search and discover what's available. Vacation packages to New York and vacation packages to Chicago are trendy around Christmas. 

Where to get ski vacation packages?

Ski vacation packages are readily available on Expedia, including vacation packages to Lake Louise, vacation packages to Vail, and packages to other notable ski resorts including Big White Ski Resort. Check out the deals now and book your next ski vacation today.  

Can I cancel my vacation package with Expedia?

Yes, you can cancel your vacation package via your itinerary page on Expedia or by contacting customer service. Some packages are fully refundable, but the details vary based on the booking. A fully refundable package may depend on how far out you are from your dates or the airline you booked with.

Why should I book my package with Expedia?

Booking with Expedia makes it easy to plan your entire vacation in advance. Vacation packages with airfare included can also feature a rental car and even activities in some cases, with discounts typically coming with booking more than one aspect of your trip at a time. Expedia Rewards members can accrue points with every eligible purchase that can be put toward subsequent visits. Membership is free, so don't hesitate to join. 

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