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Tips for booking a car rental

If you're looking to hire a car for your next holiday, take a look at these tips for great car rental deals.

How to book a car rental?

Booking a car rental begins with entering the necessary information into the search bars, including the destination, date and time for both the pick-up and drop-off. Of course, you can always browse popular destinations and car types if you're looking for inspiration. For example, you could search for a midsize car rental in Surrey or a SUV rental car in Montreal.

What kinds of cars are on offer?

Quite a few car styles are available to rent, including SUVs, economy cars, compact cars and high-quality premium cars and luxury cars. Whether you want a car rental in Calgary or a faraway ride like a car rental in Maui, you'll always find a satisfying variety of vehicles available.

How much does it cost to rent a car?

The actual cost of rental cars varies and is based on a combination of several factors, such as the class of car you choose and the destination in which you're renting a car. For example, a luxury car rental is going to cost more than an economy car rental in the vast majority of cases. A one-way car rental is also going to be more expensive on average compared to a round-trip rental. Additionally, a big city is going to generally have higher rates than you'll find in a small town or rural area. Any add-ons and protection policies you opt for will also increase the overall cost.

How do I get a cheap car rental?

If you're looking for cheap rental cars, you'll need to take advantage of our handy search filters that let you sort your results based on price. Not only can you sort your results to list the cheapest options first, but you may also implement search filters with price limitations in mind. When you look through the filters, keep an eye out on the right side of the screen to see the low-price estimates for each relevant filter. For example, if you look at the filter for SUVs in the car type section, you'll see a price estimate next to it that shows the cost of the cheapest SUV available.

What type of car is the cheapest to rent?

Most of the time, economy cars are the cheapest car rental, but this can change according to several factors. Depending on your destination, some other vehicles may be cheaper due to varying demand, and it's not entirely uncommon for midsize rentals to be cheapest in some circumstances. The same type of car is generally more expensive at the airport than it would be downtown, so keep that in mind when searching.

Where can I rent a car?

Where you book a rental car can make a serious difference in your vacation experience, and plenty of options are available, including the airport, downtown and right by your hotel. Car rentals at Vancouver International Airport, for example, tend to be quite popular. Be sure to check out the available search filters to mark which neighbourhood you plan on picking up your rental car from. Additionally, you may want to filter by car rental company, with options like Avis car rentals in Calgary available, for example. Travellers can even book near attractions, such as CN Tower car rentals.

Is it worth it to rent a car?

Renting a car comes with quite a few advantages you may not want to miss out on, including the ability to get around faster than you can with public transportation and the assurance that your travel throughout your destination is taken care of from the start. Some destinations don't have convenient public transportation options, and taxis can be expensive if you plan on doing a lot of travelling. With a rental car, you can move around as much as you like, only having to cover the cost of gas rather than a fare. This also gives you more time to enjoy the attractions and features of your destination without having to factor bus or train travel times into your itinerary.

How do I get a good deal on a rental car?

To get a good deal on a rental car, simply check the 'Great Deal' filter at the top of the list of filters. This will automatically show the best deals available for each car type. If you want to narrow it down further, you can use filters for both budget limitations and car features to see what options with the bells and whistles you want are available in your price range.

Do I need insurance to rent a car?

Having your own car insurance isn't necessary to rent a car, and even if you have insurance, you probably won't need to use it. It's important to note, however, that this doesn't mean no insurance is required at all. Instead of needing to have an active policy beforehand to rent a car, you'll typically purchase insurance directly from the rental company to cover the duration of your rental. A lot of the time, car rental companies will factor this into any price estimates upfront. Before you choose a rental, be sure to check the insurance policies in the rental policies section by clicking the link that says, "View rules and restrictions."

Can I rent a car with a debit card?

While you can rent a car with a debit card, some rental companies make it quite difficult to do so. It's not impossible, but it is rather tedious since there's less security for the rental company when you pay with a debit card instead of a credit card. Some of the additional requirements include having 2 or more forms of ID, proof of insurance, a deposit and a credit check, among others.

Can I rent a car at 18 years of age?

Yes, but that's only the case if you find yourself in Quebec or Saskatchewan, as most areas of Canada require renters to be at least 20 years old. All ages under 21 will likely have to pay an extra fee for being a young renter. Minimum age to rent a car abroad will vary too.

Can I book a long-term car rental?

Yes, you can book a long-term car rental through Expedia and get yourself a car for the duration of your extended stay. These kinds of rentals are best suited for travellers looking to stay somewhere for weeks or even months at a time. To find them, simply input your travel dates in your search.

Are car rentals fully refundable?

Some car rentals are fully refundable, and you can determine which ones qualify by looking for the green text on your search results page that reads, "fully refundable." Additionally, you may set a search filter for this specifically to only show results that are fully refundable.

Why should I rent with Expedia?

When you rent with Expedia, you'll not only find a massive selection of vehicles with convenient search filters to help you find the car you like fast, but you'll also be able to book your flight, hotel and activities on Expedia, too. Expedia Rewards members have even more benefits, as they earn points for every eligible purchase that can be put towards discounts on subsequent trips. It's free to sign up, so become a member today!

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