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Tips for Booking a Hotel 

Make sure your next vacation is unforgettable by booking the right hotel. Consider the kind of experience you're looking to enjoy, and then find the hotel that best fits that vision. With all the choices available from Expedia, finding the perfect getaway has never been easier. 

How to book a hotel?

Booking a hotel through Expedia makes the entire process easy. You can browse a wide variety of accommodation types and destinations, including popular spots like Toronto and Montreal. Of course, you can find lodging in more rural destinations as well, such as Blue Mountains hotels. All you have to do is enter your destination and travel dates, and your search results will show some of the best available options. You can even implement search filters to narrow down your results based on amenities, star ratings, reviews and more. 

What are the most important things when choosing a hotel?

Finding the right hotel means thinking about what you want for your vacation. If you're looking for a bit of luxury, for example, you may want to filter for 4- and 5-star hotels. If you want a cheap hotel room, however, you can sort by price to list the cheapest options first. The filters are key when searching for the perfect accommodation. You can filter based on proximity to popular attractions, special amenities and more. Expedia has an expansive catalogue of luxury hotels, budget hotels and everything in between.

How far in advance should I book a hotel?

Planning a vacation in advance is generally the safe bet, but how far in advance you book can drastically affect your budget. If you book more than 21 days before your first night, for example, you're probably going to be paying more than you should when travelling to popular destinations. The best thing to do is track price fluctuations for a while to see when prices are low. You can do this up to 40 days in advance. Don't hesitate to consider last-minute bookings too, as they can be relatively cheap since hotels are often desperate to fill their last vacancies. Planning to book at the last minute isn't always the best idea, but you shouldn't hesitate to consider it for spur-of-the-moment vacation ideas.

How can I find the cheapest hotels?

The cheapest hotels will vary based on several factors no matter where you're visiting on vacation. You'll need to look at your specific destination to determine when the most popular times to travel are. If you're looking to save, you'll want to visit in the off-season when prices tend to be lower. That may mean something like planning a summer visit for hiking at a mountain that's better known for winter skiing. Star ratings and amenities can affect the price as well. Still, you can always easily find the cheapest option within your search parameters by sorting your results by price, which puts the most affordable results first.

How can I find some of the best deals on hotels?

Search filters are the key to finding the best deals on hotels. You can filter for special deals on certain properties, like free cancellation and being fully refundable. You can even filter for member prices that offer instant savings as long as you become a member, which is completely free to do. Utilizing all these strategies together makes finding hotel deals easy.

Why should I book a hotel with Expedia?

When you book with Expedia, you can plan your vacation with confidence. Think of it as your one-stop shop for the entire planning process. Not only can you find suitable accommodation, but you can book your flight through Expedia as well. In fact, booking both together may even lead to some discounts. Additional hotel discounts are often available to members, and it's completely free to join. You'll also find special features like free cancellation and hotels that are fully refundable in a lot of cases.

Are hotels fully refundable on Expedia?

Quite a few hotels on Expedia offer flexible cancellation policies. You'll be able to tell which qualify by keeping an eye out for the green text that reads 'fully refundable on the search results. Of course, you can also simply activate the 'fully refundable' search filter.