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Your Guide to Niagara Falls Hotels

Welcome to the breathtaking honeymoon capital of the world!

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Niagara falls has been inspiring awe in people since – well, probably since the first human ever laid eyes on it or heard the overpowering rumble of millions and millions of gallons pouring over the edge every second. Photos don’t do it justice. This is one sight you’ll just have to see for yourself!

The Falls of Niagara

Swirling mist, an unfathomable number of water droplets rushing over the edge of the cliff, and churning waters are all just part of another day at the falls. There are three in all – Horseshoe, which follows the curve of the cliff; American, on the United States side; and Bridal Veil, a romantic veil of water that has all the grace a mystique of a blushing bride.

One of the best ways to see them is on a Maid of the Mist boat cruise. Book Niagara hotel deals in the summertime to see them at their full, most breath-taking flow. Or, grab Niagara Falls hotel packages during the winter to see frozen edges. The last time the falls froze completely was in 1848, but who knows? Maybe they’ll freeze over while you’re here!

Things to Do in Niagara Falls

Some of the best views of the falls are on the United States side at various parks, so make sure you spend some time south of the border. On the Canadian side, check out the Botanical Gardens and Butterfly Conservatory, Queenston Heights Park, or try your luck at a casino. Niagara Falls honeymoon hotels are here in spades as well, so crank up the romance with your special someone. Either way, book with and you’ll marry a great experience with a low budget!