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Quick facts about Cayman Islands:

  • Don't forget to stop in Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman while you're in the country

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This destination, contrary to its stereotype of being a place for beach bums, actually has a lot to offer to travellers regardless of their specific tastes. There is truly something for everybody here. One very popular destination for travellers is the National Gallery, which is an art museum located on infamous Seven Mile Beach. This museum preserves the work of dozens of the islands' natives and is a must-see for anybody who appreciates history, art, or culture.

Those who have an affinity for wildlife should take the time to visit the great Parrot Preserve, located in Tibbet's Turn. There, visitors can enjoy birdwatching and will be sure to see not only parrots, as the name suggests, but a number of other beautiful migratory birds. At the end of the birdwatching trail, there is a breathtaking view from the top of a cliff high above the ocean, making this a great destination for wildlife and nature junkies alike.

For those who wish to immerse themselves in the culture and history of the Cayman Islands, Pedro St. James Castle is a must-see. This nearly 250-year-old castle is the oldest stone structure on the Cayman Islands and was actually the place where democracy originated on the islands. Here, the first parliament was elected and slavery was abolished. This is truly a remarkable place to see for anybody who appreciates history.

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