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Untamed, unadulterated, and seriously unforgettable: Alaska is an adventure seeker’s paradise. Perched on the northern edge of North America, this destination is the United States’ most remote, and tourists from all over the world flock to the area to bask in its undiscovered beauty. Want to explore the state with cash to spare? Book one of Expedia’s inexpensive Alaska flights, and you’ll be one step closer to this subarctic hideaway.

Cheap Flights to Alaska Destinations

Start your Alaskan adventure by deciding where you’d like to go. While many travelers head straight for flights to Alaska cities like Juneau and Anchorage, you might find a few cheap deals on plane tickets to less familiar destinations such as Barrow and Homer. Fly to the former for its freshwater lake and Iñupiat Heritage Center, and jet off to the latter to explore the majestic Kachemak Bay State Park.

If you’re searching for the ultimate retreat, however, Denali State Park is the best place to be. Home to North America’s tallest mountain, Mount McKinley, this vast stretch of wilderness offers glacial landscapes, tundra-specific plants and a large population of caribou, bears, and wolves. Book a discount airplane ticket to Fairbanks to access the area, and get ready to be wowed.

Alaska Airfare Booking, Reservation and Cost Information

No matter where your journey takes you, make sure to use Expedia’s trip-planning options to find the best prices, search for local specials, and buy your tickets to Alaska. America’s wilderness gem is calling your name.

Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel my flight booking to Alaska due to COVID-19?
In response to these difficult times, many air carriers are offering more flexibility. Visit our Customer Service Portal to find information about canceling or changing your flight due to COVID-19.
What's the best way to find cheap flights to Alaska that have flexible change policies?
At Expedia, we’ve been channeling our inner contortionist to help you locate the most flexible fares on the market. Just mark the “No change fee” box directly below the “Flexible change policies” filter to find your perfect flight to Alaska.
What are some of the general tips for travelers to Alaska during the COVID-19 outbreak?
COVID-19 has changed how the world works in so many ways, and travel has changed with it. The following tips will help you navigate these new challenges and get you ready for your vacation in Alaska:

  • Investigate if any travel restrictions apply to your origin and destination before locking in your flight. Also check if there are any special conditions you’ll need to follow on arrival, such as installing a contact tracing app.
  • Keep your face mask on even during airport screening. A TSA officer will ask you to temporarily lower your mask for identification purposes.
  • Avoid handing your boarding pass (paper or electronic) directly to a TSA employee. Instead, you should position the pass on the reader and then hold it up for the agent to visually inspect it.
  • One container of liquid hand sanitizer is now allowed in your carry-on bag. It must be no larger than 12 oz (350 ml), and you’ll need to take it out of your bag for scanning.
  • Empty everything from your pockets, like your wallet, phone and small change, and put them in your carry-on instead of into bins. This will minimize handling during screening.
  • If you’re planning to take food through the screening checkpoint, place it in a clear plastic bag and then into a scanning bin. This lessens the likelihood that a TSA officer will need to touch your carry-on bag or food container for closer inspection.

Which airlines fly to Alaska?
When you’re ready to lock in your seat to or near Alaska, these quality carriers are waiting to welcome you aboard:

  • Alaska Airlines - 2,636 flights to or near Alaska each month, including 1,828 flights to Ted Stevens Anchorage Intl. Airport (ANC) per month.
  • Delta Air Lines - 430 flights to or near Alaska each month, including 338 flights to Ted Stevens Anchorage Intl. Airport (ANC) per month.
  • Alaska Seaplanes - 182 flights to or near Alaska each month, including 182 flights to Juneau Intl. Airport (JNU) per month.

How can I find cheap tickets to Alaska?
To nab a terrific deal to Alaska, book well ahead of time. Also use Expedia’s “flexible dates” feature at the top of your search results. This will display prices for similar time frames. In the last seven days, was the lowest price for a flight to Alaska.
How much is a flight to Alaska?
If you were journeying one way from (), you could’ve landed a bargain seat for in the last seven days. Round-trip flights to Alaska ranged from only to over the same period.
What are the most popular airports to fly into in Alaska?
Depending on which airline you book with and your final Alaska destination, you’ll have multiple well-known airports to take your pick of. They include:

  • Ted Stevens Anchorage Intl. Airport (ANC) - 4,915 flights per month.
  • Juneau Intl. Airport (JNU) - 2,149 flights per month.
  • Fairbanks Intl. Airport (FAI) - 1,362 flights per month.

When is the cheapest time to fly to Alaska?
Consider traveling early on in the week to secure the best airfare to Alaska. Tuesday is routinely the most affordable day to take off, followed by Monday. Saturday typically has the most expensive ticket prices. This is because a lot of travelers prefer to kick off their break on a weekend.
How much is a plane ticket to Alaska?
Seats ranged from just to in the last seven days. When you’re ready to book, we’ll be ready to help you pick up a cheap flight to Alaska.
What are the best things to do in Alaska?

  • Begin your your vacation in Anchorage and you’ll have loads to see and do. Superb attractions like Alyeska Ski Resort are just the beginning. Whether you’re a culture vulture, a fashionista, food obsessed or something else, there are endless possibilities for fun in Alaska’s main city.
  • Pack for Anchorage’s subarctic climate. A few days before you depart, check the local weather for temperatures and if any natural events are predicted, like thunderstorms. Sunny, rainy or windy, it’s smart to be prepared.

What is the best time to go to Alaska?
If you’re eager to experience Alaska’s leading city when it’s at its liveliest, head for Anchorage sometime in . Similar to most places in the Northern Hemisphere, summertime here starts June 20, with temperatures ranging between 50 ºF (9 ºC) and 60 ºF (16 ºC).
What months are the cheapest to book a flight to Alaska?
February is the cheapest month to reserve a seat for your Alaska vacation. Airfares are priciest throughout December, so avoid this time if possible.