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Reach the apex of Pikes Peak when you book rooms at hotels in Colorado during your holiday excursion. After checking into the best Colorado hotel deals, get your family's heart rates up while riding in the Sky Coaster that glides between magnificent mountain ranges. There is no limit to the number of heart pumping adventures you can take when you make reservations at Colorado hotels.

Colorado hotel packages include spa getaways and casino hotels where you can win big money. Colorado is rich in history of the old west and museums, like the Santa Fe Trail Museum and Bloom Mansion, bring that history to life. Indians were the first to inhabit the area, but that soon changed when people from the east coast of the United States boarded their wagons and headed for the great unknown world of the west. The adventures they shared are relived in live reenactments that tell the sometimes sad stories of an era long past.

Ute Indians attempted to make peace with more than 100,000 people who migrated to their territory. The attempts failed, and the Utes were destined for life on the reservation. Ute Indian artifacts help tell the tale of the tribe and their struggles at the Ute Indian Museum in Montrose, Colorado. Stop by the gift shop to purchase unique gifts, and help support efforts to keep Ute Indian history alive.

Pikes Peak offers a look inside the Gold Rush era when people thought they could get rich quick on special trails that often led to disappointment and grief. Even though it is not the tallest mountain in Colorado, the view from the top is magnificent, and there are three ways to get there. Take your car, ride the local train, or get the biggest rush of your life riding downhill on your bike. Once you reach the apex, look down on Colorado Springs to see the striking natural views.

Cheap hotel deals in Colorado are an excellent way to save money and see the vast offerings the state is known for. The people are welcoming, and a cheap Colorado hotel deal often comes with coupons for discount prices on meals in the hotel restaurant. Try a bowl of famous Colorado chili that will heat you up from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. If you are especially adventurous, a trip to Colorado would not be complete without the state's version of Rocky Mountain Oysters. Do not worry if you are allergic to seafood. You can still eat this delectable dish because it has nothing to do with seafood.

You will find friendly people, historic riches, and spectacular views. It is so intriguing that even the food will fascinate you. It is a year-round getaway for skiing, horseback riding, and hiking experiences that the entire family can enjoy. Grab your cowboy boots and head out to the old west.

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