Top Cities in Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories Hotel Guide

As the capital of Canada's Northwest Territories as well as the largest city in the region, Yellowknife is the first stop of those enjoying cheap hotel deals in the Northwest Territories. Although it features many modern amenities, Yellowknife still retains the special, fresh frontier ambiance that it had during its early years as a gold mine supply center. Guests of Northwest Territories hotels can still find authentic saloons in the downtown area of Yellowknife along with City Hall and the Capital Area Park. You won't find slick, urban nightlife among Yellowknife establishments, but you might be able to enjoy a cold beverage under the sun while attending the annual Folk on the Rocks concert. Golf aficionados who are staying in hotels in the Northwest Territories can enjoy a round or two at the North American continent's most northernmost golf course.

Many of those who take advantage of Northwest Territories hotel packages during the winte visit to view the spectacular Northern Lights. Those who book rooms in Northwest Territory hotels can also attend Yellowknife's annual Snowking Winter Festival, which features the building of a snow castle on the frozen surface of Great Slave Lake. The Long John Jamboree is a newer winter festival that includes ice-carving competitions, an artists' market, a beer garden, a skating rink, and live music. Many people consider winter to be the best time to book Northwest Territories hotel deals.

However, if you are a wildlife lover who is hoping to see some of the incredible animals of the north country up close, you should look for a cheap Northwest Territories hotel deal during the summer and early fall months. The top time for viewing the region's giant caribou herds is during the late summer when they are migrating to lower ground. You can also see grizzly and black bears near streams where salmon spawn during the early part of autumn. Because summer visitors generally prefer lodging options that are located in the wilderness, it is sometimes possible to get a good discount on rooms in Yellowknife during the summer.

No matter what time of year you choose to visit the Northwest Territories, you will be left wanting to experience more of this unique part of the world. Many travellers who fall in love with this vast wilderness return frequently so that they can experience as much of the north country as they possibly can.

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