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Iowa Hotel Guide

Iowa might seem like a quiet and unassuming state, which is why many visitors are surprised to learn that it is the top producer of wind energy and is well respected for biotechnology, manufacturing, finance, and agriculture. It is also known as the safest state in the country, which helps visitors feel at ease. The cost of living in Iowa is low, which makes Iowa hotel packages affordable on any budget.

The Midwestern hospitality offered at hotels in Iowa makes each traveller feel special and welcome. When travelling through the state on the way to Iowa hotels, tourists will notice the gently rolling hills in the west near the Missouri River, and in the east, along the Mississippi River, they will see the hills and valleys become steeper and grander. With this type of landscape, visitors enjoy some of the best outdoor activities such as geocaching, fishing, boating, and hiking.

American Indians arrived in Iowa 13,000 years ago. The residents of the state celebrate their history and culture with landmarks and facilities such as the Indian Artifact Museum in Bentonsport. European explorers Marquette and Jolliet explored the area around the Mississippi in 1673, after which the area became important for fur trade with the Indian tribes.

Des Moines is the largest city and the state capital of Iowa, and it is also where most cheap hotel deals in Iowa can be found. To find a discount on rooms in Des Moines, visit Expedia a few weeks in advance to make reservations. When visiting Des Moines, travellers enjoy a walk through the annual Iowa State Fair, the Des Moines Art Center, and the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden.

Other medium-sized Iowa cities with great rates for accommodations include Davenport on the shores of the Mississippi; Cedar Rapids with its National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library; and Dubuque with its historical architecture. Ames is the location of Iowa State University, where all students and their families feel right at home. Be sure to book early for the best prices in these fine cities.

Many Iowa hotel deals include a hearty breakfast because the state is known for traditional American food such as beef, pork, corn, and potatoes. With plenty of inexpensive dining, entertainment options, and a cheap Iowa hotel deal, a trip to the state is easy on anyone's budget. Iowa is such a welcoming and relaxing place that visitors never want to leave.

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