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Quick facts about Cameroon:

  • With 22.7 million residents, Cameroon ranks 54th in population compared to other countries
  • The currency in Cameroon is the CFA Franc
  • Don't forget to stop in Douala, Yaounde, and Limbe while you're in the country
  • border the country, so you can easily visit multiple countries in the same trip can save you time and money when locking down your stay at a hotel in Cameroon, so you can spend your days enjoying your stay and not fretting about draining your bank account. So why wait another minute to book your travel plans to Africa and Indian Ocean? Designate your desired travel dates now to see the best deals on stays in Cameroon!

Many cheap hotel deals in Cameroon are located in Yaoundé, the national capital. Originally established for the ivory trade, the city is now known for glass goods, exports of crops, and attractions such as the Cameroon Art Museum and Cathédrale Notre Dame des Victoires.

Travellers can also find discount rooms in Garoua, known for its port, international airport, and wildlife reserves such as nearby Waza National Park, Benue National Park, the Bouba Njida National Park, and the Faro Reserve. Other major cities with affordable Cameroon hotel packages include Bamenda, known for its bronze sculptures and handmade beads; Douala, which is the largest city and has an international airport and important port; and Bafoussam, known for its low prices on coffee and for its brewery and nightlife.

While enjoying the plentiful, inexpensive Cameroon hotel deals, visitors can spend their time at the Fon's Palace just north of Bamenda. Another top destination for tourists is the Mandara Mountains with their beautiful villages and scenery. Volcanic Mount Cameroon is also another top destination for tourists. Rates for consumer goods such as textiles and pottery are low, which allows visitors to bring a little piece of Cameroon back home with them.

Cameroon is known for having every major geographic feature within its borders. Coast, savannah, mountains, rainforests and desert all exist within the nation's boundaries. Tourists with a cheap Cameroon hotel deal can take the time to explore all of these areas.

When planning a trip to Cameroon, visitors should book reservation at least a month in advance or earlier around holidays.

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