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Your ski vacation

Ski vacations offer thrilling experiences that the whole family can enjoy, though they work for couples and solo travellers as well. The slopes are always there to enjoy no matter how many people are travelling with you. On a Canadian mountain vacation, for example, you can find a wide variety of slopes available, from beginner runs to those solely reserved for skiers with immense experience. Many ski resorts offer easy access to both, so don't hesitate to travel with people of different skill levels. The accommodations themselves have comforts that all kinds of people can enjoy.

What should I expect on a ski vacation?

When you book a ski vacation, you can expect a generally relaxing experience, as ski accommodations strive to give you all the opportunities you need to relax in between your runs. Ski resorts, in particular, offer stunning restaurants and easy access to all the equipment you need for skiing. You'll even find skiing lessons available at some, which is especially nice if you have young kids or are an adult who has never skied before. Of course, you'll also find ski getaways all across the world, including options for Switzerland skiing vacations.

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Explore a Canadian mountain vacation

The mountains of Canada have much to offer those looking for an exciting ski adventure. Beginner slopes and expert slopes are available in equal measure, and they're often available on the same mountain. Plus, Canadian ski resorts are quite luxurious, so you can enjoy added comforts in between your excursions.

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Discover Banff ski packages

Banff is a world-class ski destination with travellers from all over the world coming to experience its thrilling slopes. The region is home to 4 major ski resorts, all within an hour's drive of each other, and the slopes are notably varied with enough skill range for the whole family to have fun.

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Take on ski packages in Whistler

Ski packages in Whistler tend to be among the more luxurious of available packages in Canada. Whistler is a world-class skiing destination with stunningly well-maintained slopes and scenic views of breathtaking panoramas. If you're looking for luxury on your ski excursion, you'll be hard-pressed to find something quite like Whistler.

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Journey with Mont Tremblant ski packages

Mont Tremblant as a region is home to 2 ski mountains, with 1 being the region's namesake and the other being Mont Blanc. Tremblant is the most popular for skiing, however, gaining prominence as one of the best in all of eastern North America. The beginner slopes here are especially inviting, so it tends to be quite popular with families.

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Check out Jasper ski packages

Jasper is a quaint and relaxed region where you can ski without having to worry about too many other people on the slopes. Despite being a more laid-back destination overall, you'll still find plenty of thrills on the mountain, as far more than just beginner slopes can be found here.

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Venture to ski vacations in Quebec

Quebec has a host of skiing opportunities that you won't want to miss out on while in Canada's French province. Tremblant is among the largest ski resorts in the entire country, while Massif du Sud reaches incredible heights, including the highest point in Quebec, which tops out at an impressive altitude of 915 metres.

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Try out ski vacations in France

France is one of the top skiing destinations in the world, so ski vacations in France are quite popular. Out of the around 400 ski areas in the country, most are located along the Northern and Southern Alps. Outside of the Alps, you'll find skiing opportunities in French regions like the French Pyrenees and Jura.

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Go on Lake Louise ski vacations

Lake Louise is a popular ski destination around the Banff area where you'll find relaxing surroundings and plenty of beginner slopes for new skiers. A handful of more advanced runs are available as well, but the entire experience around Lake Louise is more catered to travellers looking to take it easy with simple fun rather than a serious challenge.

Planning your ski vacation

Ski vacations can be unforgettable adventures with the right planning. Fortunately, it's easier than ever to get the most out of your excursion as long as you know what to look for when booking.

What are the benefits of ski vacations?

The primary benefit of a ski vacation is that you'll be close to slopes for skiing, of course, but that's just the beginning. You'll also find an outdoorsy atmosphere designed for adventure along with comforting amenities like hot tubs and on-site restaurants that make it easy to relax in between excursions.

How can I book the best ski vacation?

There is no universal answer to what the best ski vacation is, so you'll need to think about what would be the best ski vacation for you. Fortunately, it's easy to sort your search results based on factors you care about by using convenient search filters. You'll find search filters for price, amenities, location, and much more.

Are cheap ski vacations available?

Yes, it's easier than ever to book a ski vacation without breaking the bank. While prices vary all the time, there's a wide range available that you can explore. You may also want to consider booking an alternative kind of accommodation, such as a cabin with a kitchen for additional savings by cooking your own dinners.

Are ski packages on offer?

Package deals are among the best ways to enjoy a ski vacation. All you have to do is put your travel dates into the search and deals will be highlighted for you. You may even find special deals available for your particular travel time, so keep an eye out for discounts.

What's most important for family ski vacations?

Family ski vacations need to have diversity in difficulty among slopes more than anything else. Inexperienced skiers should be able to have fun as well, which is why a lot of the major ski slopes have beginner courses. You can even find ski vacations where your little ones or inexperienced family members can take skiing lessons from professional instructors. Banff ski packages are especially good for this.

What are all-inclusive ski vacations like?

All-inclusive ski vacations make planning easy with everything already bought and paid for before you even set out. You can use the all-inclusive filter to search for opportunities for such convenience. Even if you don't find any explicit all-inclusive options, simply booking your accommodation and flight together can come with convenience and discounts.

When should I start planning for a ski vacation?

Ski season generally lasts from December to April depending on where you go. That's the case for most Canadian mountain vacations, however, so planning should begin a short time before you plan to go. Keep in mind that the beginning or end of the season tends to be a bit more affordable. Just enter your desired travel dates and discover a wealth of opportunities.

Where are the best deals on ski vacation packages?

Finding the best deals on ski vacation packages is a matter of searching properly. For the top deals, you'll want to search for something around the start or end of ski season, which means finding something around December or April. Additionally, booking something a bit more remote that still offers easy access to the slopes is going to be cheaper than booking a resort.

Is there free cancellation for ski vacations?

Yes, free cancellation is fairly common for ski vacations. On your search results page, all properties eligible for free cancellation will be clearly marked as such. You can also filter for this feature specifically. It's a great way to find peace of mind with your booking.

Why should I book a ski vacation with Expedia?

Booking a ski vacation with Expedia means you get to enjoy as much convenience in the booking process as you would at a luxury resort. You can book your accommodation and your flight in 1 convenient location, and the numerous search filters make narrowing down results easy.