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Beach vacations are among the most popular pastimes for travellers, and you can make your next trip absolutely unforgettable. No matter what your interests are, you won't have to look far to find a beach vacation that works for you whether you're travelling with the whole family or looking for something romantic with your partner. You'll still be able to enjoy the crisp sea air and the soft sands of welcoming beaches all over the world.

What should I expect from beach vacations?

When you book a beach vacation, you can expect a stunning experience with an array of things to do. Whether you visit a relaxed and calm beach or something a bit more energetic, there's always fun to be had in the water. Additionally, you'll find a lot of variety in beach vacations. You can book your stay near a quieter, more secluded beach that's surrounded by protected nature. Alternatively, you can book a beach by a major city where fun in the sun is accompanied by thriving nightlife, delicious restaurants, and fun shops to peruse. These trips are available all over the world too, from Indian Ocean beach vacations in India to a vacation to Florida beaches.

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Enjoy a vacation in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is filled with fun for the entire family with beach vacations that offer sand, shore, and a variety of other attractions. While you can go for a swim or participate in water sports, you'll also find theme parks and fascinating aquariums. A lot of kid-friendly activities are available here as well, making it a particularly popular destination for families.

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Embark on a Miami Beach vacation

Miami Beach is one of the top destinations for travellers looking to enjoy the conveniences and attractions of the big city while also being close to the beach. Vacations to Miami Beach let you enjoy a vibrant nightlife in town with many bars located right along the beach, so you can enjoy the sand and shores until well after dark.

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Check out vacations to Florida beaches

Florida is the most popular American state for beach vacations, as the peninsula has plenty of shores to offer on both the Atlantic side and the Gulf side. You can find charming, secluded beaches, beaches that are a part of a big city, and beaches in welcoming small towns. Whatever kind of experience you're looking for, you'll always find warm temperatures, soft sands, and plenty to do.

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Venture out on a Europe beach vacation

Europe has plenty of shores and seas with welcoming beaches that you won't want to miss out on. The entire northern shore of the Mediterranean has something special to offer, including islands that are especially friendly to travellers looking for an inviting beach. Greece, Spain, Italy, and more all have world-class beaches for swimmers and surfers alike.

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Find fun on a South Beach vacation

If you're looking for a quieter and more laid-back beachfront experience, beach vacations to South Beach may be your best bet. This beach offers clear access to the Pacific Ocean and its waves while being next to a small town away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

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Discover adventure with a Palm Beach vacation

Vacations to Florida's Palm Beach will have you enjoying a seemingly endless summer with warm weather and refreshing waters. The beach here is top-of-the-line, featuring welcoming shores and soft sands complemented by an array of eateries and activities. In fact, much of what's on offer here is specifically designed to make vacations as easy as possible.

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Try out a Newport Beach vacation

A Newport Beach vacation is one of the best spots for a family vacation since the waters are well-suited for swimming. Most of the activity here is recreational, with industrial use of the harbour being kept to a minimum compared to times past. When you visit, you'll find several shops and food markets along the beach as well.

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Trek to beach vacations in India

Being surrounded by the ocean, it should be no surprise that India is home to a wide variety of beach vacation opportunities. You can head to Goa for the most iconic beach, with the west coast in general being especially popular. Gokarna is a good alternative to Goa if you want something a bit more laid back and budget-friendly while still offering those signature serene views.

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Take a vacation to Vero Beach

Vero Beach vacations offer a fun Atlantic getaway where you can enjoy water sports, fishing, and world-class golf. Plus, the city itself is home to quite a few impressive museums, shops, and restaurants. The natural features of the area are well preserved too, letting you enjoy the beach and the natural world beyond.

Planning your beach vacation

A proper beach vacation is one that caters to your unique interests. Before finalizing your booking, you'll want to make sure that you book a trip that's perfect not just for yourself but everyone you plan to bring along.

What are the benefits of beach vacations?

Beach vacations are a classic vacation experience for a reason. You get to enjoy warm weather, inviting waters, and all the relaxation you could ever want. Even so, you can still find thrills in water sports and activities that the whole family can enjoy. Plus, you can travel pretty much any time you want since beach destinations closer to the equator are almost always warm.

How can I find the best beach vacations?

The best beach vacation depends on what your interests are, but there are some general benefits to look out for. Consider the actual destination you're travelling to, as some beaches are more energetic, while others are calmer and better for swimming.

Are cheap beach vacations available?

Yes, you'll find a wide range of prices among available beach destinations. Cheap beach vacations can offer more amenities than you might think. If you book something a bit farther away from the beach itself, for example, you can simultaneously enjoy savings and premier amenities in a lot of cases.

Are package beach vacation deals available?

Yes, and package deals make booking easier than ever with all aspects of your trip included. Packages are available all year long, but if you book during the off-season, you may be able to enjoy even more savings, all while missing out on the crowds.

What are the benefits of family-oriented beach vacations?

When you book a family-oriented beach vacation, you can expect fun for the whole family with the convenience of being right on the beach. Easy access to the water means there's always something fun nearby for your family to do, and the room itself can offer stunning views of the coast.

How can I find beachfront accommodations?

A lot of accommodation options are close to the beach, but actual beachfront property is something particularly special. To find these accommodations, you just have to implement the beachfront filter into your search. Doing so will only show you accommodations that are located right on the beach.

Are there beach vacations available at the last minute?

Last-minute booking is more common than you might think. Not only will you likely find plenty of beach vacations available at the last minute, but they may even come with special deals you wouldn't be able to enjoy otherwise. A lot of hotels try to fill vacant rooms quickly, so you can take advantage. Just enter your travel dates in the search and see what's available.

What are all-inclusive beach vacations like?

All-inclusive beach vacations allow you to book every aspect of your vacation from the outset, letting you simply relax and enjoy all the offerings. With everything already covered, it's also easy to budget from the beginning with no surprises waiting once you arrive. Just activate the search filter for all-inclusive to find these opportunities.

Is free cancellation available for beach vacations?

Free cancellation is available on a wide variety of available properties. They'll be marked with green text saying "free cancellation" on the search results page. You can even add a filter to search for these kinds of properties specifically, making it simple to book with peace of mind.

Why should I book a beach vacation with Expedia?

Booking with Expedia makes it easier than ever to get the most out of your beach vacation. Whether you're embarking on an Athens beach vacation or a vacation to Florida beaches, you can book your accommodation and flight all in a singular, convenient location.