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Your golf vacation

Nothing offers fun and relaxation quite like a satisfying game of golf, and you can find pristine courses all around Canada and throughout the world. From the legendary Holiday Park Golf Course in Saskatoon to the scenic courses available on a golf vacation in Thailand's Pattaya, an unforgettable experience awaits you on your golf vacation. Besides the opportunity to play a few rounds, the unique locations can offer world-class courses and breathtaking surroundings, from beachfront to towering mountains, serving as a backdrop to your game.

Book an unforgettable golf vacation

Finding the best golf vacation for your tastes is just a matter of customization. If you're travelling primarily for golf, you can book your stay right on the golf course with access to the greens just a few steps away. Alternatively, you can book something a bit farther away from the course for a more budget-friendly experience that may put you close to other exciting attractions. Bundling your trip with airfare and accommodation together can lead to even more savings.

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Embark on golf vacations to Mexico

Golf vacations in Mexico are available throughout the country, with some of the best found along the shores of Cancun, where you can enjoy the greens with the pristine Caribbean as a backdrop. On the west side of Mexico, Baja, California, in particular, offers a satisfying combination of golf and leisure vacation options. All-inclusive golf vacations in Mexico can be found to make your trip even more rewarding.

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Discover Saskatoon golf vacations

The best golf vacations to Saskatoon will take you to some of the top golf courses in the world, such as the especially popular Holiday Park Golf Course. The 27 holes here let you play amidst a scenic river valley, and advanced and intermediate difficulties are available. Of course, the city as a whole is known for its array of idyllic golf courses in addition to Holiday Park and offers PGA award-winning courses to try out.

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Find fun with a Myrtle Beach golf vacation

Myrtle Beach golf vacations let you enjoy playing on world-class courses with all the variety in style and difficulty you could ever want. You'll find more than 100 courses in the area, which is one of the top golf destinations in the world, so it's the perfect destination for travellers looking to diversify their golf experience.

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Enjoy a golf vacation in Portugal

If you're looking for a golf vacation in Europe, Portugal is one of the top destinations available. The sheer variety of courses makes it suitable for all skill levels, but you'll also find an unrelenting commitment to quality among the greens. Plus, you can enjoy stunning natural features like the rolling hills of the Algarve.

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Tee off on a Thailand golf vacation

You can enjoy style and decadence when you embark on a golf vacation in Thailand. The local courses are a stunning green and are well-maintained with challenges and decorations that'll make you feel like a regal monarch. The service is particularly impressive, with many visitors not even having to touch their travel bag until it's time to unpack in the room.

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Explore your options for Scotland golf vacations

Scotland golf vacations make it easy to enjoy a relaxing game. The Highlands have especially inviting courses, with Inverness being notably luxurious and welcoming. You'll find several courses by the coast as well, letting you take on the greens while enjoying the refreshing mist of the nearby waves.

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Embark on a golf vacation to Asia

A golf vacation to Asia comes with a lot of opportunities for adventure. Southeast Asia features numerous golf courses among island environments, but you'll still find plenty of fun in places like Turkey and China as well. Thailand and Vietnam are particularly popular for their world-class courses complete with breathtaking scenery.

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Discover a regal Las Vegas golf vacation

Vegas is fundamentally designed to offer an elevated experience, and that's just what you'll find when you choose Las Vegas golf vacations. Not only can you golf at world-class courses, but these vacations often put you close to other stunning attractions in the city, such as casinos and live shows.

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Relax with a golf vacation in the Caribbean

Caribbean golf vacations let you enjoy the region's relaxing coastal atmosphere while playing a round at your choice of stunning golf courses throughout the area. Many local golf courses are located on the sandy beaches, with the mist from the water greeting you as you play. Of course, you'll find more inland golf courses as well that will have you playing within a vibrant jungle environment for a different kind of backdrop.

Planning your golf vacation

Booking a golf vacation can have you enjoying an unforgettable experience on the greens. Make sure you have everything you need for the ultimate vacation and discover how easy it is to customize your experience as you see fit.

What are the benefits of golf vacations?

Golfing is generally available no matter what part of the world you visit, but a golf vacation puts you just steps away from this incredible sport with easy and constant access. There's no better way to experience a world-class course than by trying one in a new destination you've never visited before, such as golf vacations in Pattaya, Thailand.

Where can I find the best golf vacations?

Golf vacations are available all over the world, and finding them is easier than ever. You can filter your search for golf-oriented vacations when you search, and you can add more filters, like regions of the world and travel time. Of course, you don't even have to leave Canada for great destinations like Holiday Park Golf Course Saskatoon.

Are there affordable golf vacation options?

Yes, quite a few affordable golf vacations are available. All you have to do is filter your search by price. A wide range of both affordable and luxury options are available, with more overlap than you might expect. Remember that booking package deals can lead to additional savings.

Can I search for golf and spa packages together?

You can. There's a filter for spa facilities that you can use during your search to only show results that offer the spa services you're looking for. You may want to strongly consider this as well since spas offer the perfect companion experience to golfing by enhancing the relaxation and tranquillity of it all.

What are luxury golf vacations like?

Luxury golf vacations let you immerse yourself in a pampering and relaxing experience that emphasizes not only golf but your comfort above all else. You can use search filters to easily find 5-star properties that can make this experience a reality. Business flights are also available for luxury golf vacations in Asia, Europe, and virtually anywhere else.

Are there all-inclusive golf vacations available?

Yes, you can book an all-inclusive golf vacation easily by implementing the all-inclusive filter on your search. Even if all-inclusivity isn't available at your desired destination, you may still be able to find half-board accommodation options that still offer more than the standard hotel experience.

Should I book golf vacation packages with flights?

Booking golf vacation packages with flights is one of the best ways to save money on your trip. We make it easy for you to book your accommodation and flight jointly, so don't hesitate to take advantage of the savings. In fact, you can use the discount to book something that may otherwise be a bit outside your budget.

Can I book a golf vacation at the last minute?

Last-minute golf vacation bookings are more common than you might think, and booking late can even come with benefits. Since hotels and other accommodation options are often eager to get leftover rooms booked, you may find some discounts available if you're looking for something close to your booking time.

Are free cancellation and flexible dates available?

Booking golf vacations with free cancellation is one of the best ways to travel with peace of mind. You may find quite a few options available, and they're easily identifiable, with "free cancellation" being displayed for each accommodation on your search results page when applicable. Buy now and pay later options are also available on some trips.

Why should I book a golf vacation with Expedia?

Booking with Expedia makes creating the ultimate golf vacation easier than ever. Thanks to a detailed and comprehensive search function with numerous filters, customization options are at your fingertips, along with unforgettable adventure. Plus, you may even find discounts with Expedia Rewards.