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Luxury vacations can take many different forms and can transport you to various destinations across the planet, but they always have something special to offer. Whether you're embarking on luxury ski vacations in France or luxury golf vacations in Portugal, you'll never have to look far to find a vacation defined by pristine surroundings, high-end amenities, and all the pampering you could ever want. Think of a luxury vacation as a normal vacation combined with a spa day and conveniences that let you enjoy relaxation without lifting a finger.

What do luxury vacations include?

A luxury vacation is among the best ways to make sure your trip is as relaxing as possible. These vacation types can take you to 5-star accommodations with amenities like room service, a private hot tub, and several on-site restaurants available, in many cases. They may even have services and features suitable for families and couples, so it's easy to customize your experience based on your desired vacation type. Above all else, however, you'll find that these vacations can make you feel fancy by having all your needs catered to with professional service among opulent and enticing surroundings.

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Explore luxury vacations in India

Luxury vacations in India can take you through quite a few different adventures. You'll be able to see stunning historical sites and embark on fun safaris where you'll see exotic animals like tigers. These vacations are available throughout the country, including the Golden Triangle and the palaces of Rajasthan.

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Embark on luxury Portugal vacations

A luxury trip to Portugal often includes taking advantage of the country's numerous high-quality golf courses. Luxury golf vacations in Portugal can have you set up just steps away from the course and may even provide you with all the equipment you need for a game. Additionally, luxury vacations by the beaches here are stunning, with many offering private access to the water.

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Take on luxury vacations in France

When you visit France on a luxury vacation, you'll find a wide variety of experiences available. Accommodation options in cities like Paris can make you feel like a monarch, but that's just the beginning. Luxury ski vacations in France, for example, can offer a more thrilling and active experience, as you can take on the slopes and enjoy the pampering of a spa in between runs.

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Find fun with luxury Switzerland vacations

Luxury Switzerland vacations let you explore an inviting natural world defined by verdant valleys and towering mountain peaks. The luxury stays in this country take full advantage of the opportunity, offering breathtaking views right from your room in many cases, along with easy access to slopes if you're looking for luxury ski vacations in Switzerland.

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Enjoy luxury vacations in Canada

When you book a luxury vacation in Canada, you'll find yourself met with an unforgettable experience no matter where in the country you find yourself. Canada offers tons of fun in the countryside, especially when you book luxury log cabin vacations in Canada. Despite offering a rustic and outdoorsy atmosphere, luxury cabins still tend to come with high-end amenities like integrated WiFi, central heating, and potentially even a hot tub.

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Try out luxury European vacations

Luxury vacations in Europe can come in many different forms. You can head to the Alps and enjoy a skiing excursion, or you can immerse yourself in the splendour of a centuries-old city. Wherever you go, the convenience and comfort of luxury accommodations can take your vacation to the next level.

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Discover luxury New Zealand vacations

When you embark on luxury New Zealand vacations, you'll be met with the breathtaking natural features that the country is so well known for. Luxury stays are particularly adept at offering stunning views and easy access to thrilling activities. Of course, luxury vacations are also where you can find spas and hot tubs if you're looking to relax.

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Travel on Costa Rica luxury vacations

Costa Rica is known primarily for its impressive natural features, including diverse wildlife and vibrant forests. When you book a luxury Costa Rica vacation, you'll be put close to it all, along with the country's charming towns and award-winning coffee. Be sure to keep a lookout for luxury accommodations near hot springs if you want to feel especially pampered.

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Go on luxury Italy vacations

Italy is home to a wide variety of luxury vacation opportunities. You'll find historic cities like its capital of Rome, which was once the seat of a massive empire. Luxury accommodations put you close to some of the most iconic historic sites while offering conveniences and amenities like hot tubs, spa treatments, and delectable high-end food.

Planning your luxury vacation

To get the most out of your luxury vacation, you'll want to plan accordingly. Fortunately, we make it easy to customize your vacation to get the exact kind of experience you're looking for.

What are the benefits of a luxury vacation?

Booking a luxury vacation comes with a plethora of benefits to enjoy. Not only will you likely be able to enjoy features like room service, but you may even find a hotel that comes complete with spa facilities. Essentially, luxury vacations specialize in everything you need to relax.

How easy are luxury vacations to find?

Luxury vacations are remarkably easy to find, thanks to helpful search filters. You can implement filters for 5-star accommodations and all-inclusive stays if you like. All-inclusive stays often come with a few discounts that you won't want to miss out on, letting you enjoy luxury amenities within your budget.

Are cheap luxury vacations available?

Yes, there are cheap luxury vacations available, though the concept of cheap is relative. To find the cheapest options, you can filter your results to only include those of a certain price range. A wide range of prices can be found throughout luxury accommodations, so don't hesitate to take advantage.

Do luxury vacations come with spa access?

Spa access is one of the best amenities you can look for in luxury vacations. By implementing the spa search filter, all of your results will only be accommodations with spas, so you can relax in between your vacation adventures, wherever they may be.

What are the best features to look for in a luxury family vacation?

Travelling with the whole family is much easier when you plan for a luxury family vacation. Luxury features like pools and a delicious breakfast are useful for keeping kids happy during your trip. When you search through luxurious offerings, you may also find suites rather than rooms, allowing your family members a bit of privacy as well.

Are luxury vacations available at the last minute?

Yes, last-minute luxury vacations are often available across a wide variety of accommodation options. Booking at the last minute may even come with special discounts, as hotels try to book the last rooms or suites they have remaining. All you have to do is enter your travel dates in your search to see what's on offer.

Are there tricks to finding deals on luxury vacations?

Several different factors affect the cost of luxury vacations, and you'll want to take them into consideration when searching for the best deals. For example, you could travel in the off-season. Luxury vacations in the Florida Keys will be more affordable outside of the busy summer and winter seasons. Additionally, choosing more unusual destinations, like Zanzibar luxury vacations, may be more affordable than something more popular like France or Cancun.

Is free cancellation available for luxury vacations?

Yes, free cancellation is available for many luxury vacation options. On your search results page, every accommodation that offers free cancellation will be clearly marked as such with green text. Additionally, you can implement a free cancellation search filter to only see applicable results.

Why should I book luxury vacations with Expedia?

Booking with Expedia is the best way to make your vacation as easy as possible. Think of us as your one-stop shop for all your travel planning needs, with the ability to book your hotel and your flight in a single location. Plus, Expedia Rewards members can enjoy special discounts that you won't find anywhere else.