Albania Hotel Guide

Sharing borders with Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, and the Republic of Macedonia, is the small Balkan country of Albania. Shortly after World War II, a Communist government was installed in Albania. This lasted until 1992, when the Communist party gave up its power and a multi-party democracy and coalition government was established. At this time, travellers began to learn more about Albania as a tourist destination and hotels began to offer Albania hotel packages.

Along the Ionian Coast, Albania boasts breathtaking and pristine beaches. In charming towns such as Saranda, you can find some of the most enjoyable and quaint hotels in Albania, with great rates for tourists to take advantage of.

The top Albania hotels can be found in the capital city of Tirana. After the fall of Communism within Albania, this once dull-coloured city exploded in an array of bright colours. Like many cities, Tirana is filled with the buzz of activity, particularly in the trendy Blloku area. Prices for food and drink are generally reasonable so not much money is needed to have a great time in Tirana's many bars and nightclubs.

Many think of a wild frontier when they think of Albania. This is mostly because of northern Albania, which contains breathtaking mountains and small villages that look to be forgotten by time. Here, some of the best cheap hotel deals in Albania can be found, but before you book rooms, check availability on Expedia to make sure the small hotels are not filled up.

The city of Berat is thought by many to be one of the country's most beautiful towns. The streets of this city are lined with white Ottoman houses, which wind their way to the Illyrian fortress of Antipatria, built in the 3rd century BC. If you are looking for a cheap Albania hotel deal, make sure to check the special discount costs open in this wonderful city.

The town of Shkodra, the 4th-largest in Albania, is another fascinating locale. This town has been a part of Albanian history since 500 BC. No visit to Shkodra is complete without a visit to the gorgeous Catholic cathedral located among the old buildings that line the winding lanes. There is so much to do in this atmospheric town that you will want to make reservations in advance to get the best Albania hotel deals.

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