Wallis and Futura

Wallis and Futuna are small islands located in the center of Polynesia and are all but unknown to the majority of tourists. As a result of its relative obscurity, you can get a cheap Wallis and Futuna hotel deal very easily. These islands have some great prices on even top hotel rooms.

These two islands are both French colonies though they have their roots in two different cultures. Those living in Wallis can trace those roots back to Tonga while locals of Futuna have their roots in Samoa. The languages spoken on both islands are very different though the two languages are mutually comprehensible. These two islands compete with one another, which can benefit tourists as they try to outdo one another with Wallis and Futuna hotel deals, offering special discount rates to try to one-up their rival island.

Wallis is the centre of government and has some of the top hotels in Wallis and Futuna. Because these islands are not as populated by tourists as most nearby islands, it is less important to make reservations ahead of time. However, doing so may help you book rooms at the best rate thanks to early bird discounts.

Wallis and Futuna are located in the middle of the tropics, meaning weather is generally warm and humid. The more temperate season runs from April through October, and this is when most tourists crowd into Wallis and Futuna hotels.

Weather is warmer from November through March. There are fewer tourists during this season, so you can find some of the least expensive Wallis and Futuna hotel packages, so for those who seek to save money and avoid as many tourists as possible, this may be the best time of year to go.

Wallis is well known for its lagoon, which is dotted with small islets. Each of these islets gives a different experience. There is also plenty of jungle to explore on Wallis as well as a few crater lakes and some very extensive archaeological sites.

Futuna has an even more lush jungle and can be a great place to find cheap hotel deals in Wallis and Futuna. There is very little in the way of a tourist infrastructure as most know it, so learning to navigate the island is mainly something to be done on one's own. This can be a strong appeal to those who seek a bit of adventure on vacation.