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Fiji is considered as one of the best hidden gems in the world when it comes to vacation destinations. Book a trip today using and experience it for yourself! Whether you want to spend some time in the country's capital city of Suva, or would prefer to stay someplace more rural, you're sure to find the ideal destination for your trip. See just how simple it is to visit the country of your dreams, begin your search today.

Looking to rest your head at an exquisite resort in Fiji? Not a problem. We have got a great assortment of budget lodges too. And there are an array of alternatives in between. It's simply based on what you're in the mood for and how much you'd like to spend. And as far as location is concerned, you can choose a room in any part of the country you'd like. You'll see a wealth of accommodation options in the busiest part of the area, as well as hidden options on the outskirts of Fiji. When you peruse our incredible catalog of rooms in Fiji, you're certain to find inexpensive rates and unbelievable deals on any type of lodge in the area.

Quick facts about Fiji:

  • With 867,000 residents, Fiji ranks 155th in population compared to other countries
  • The currency in Fiji is the Fiji Dollar
  • Don't forget to stop in Turtle Island, Nadi, and Suva while you're in the country

Seeking to learn more about the nearby hotels in Fiji? Here are a few stats you should know:

  • 172 people have reviewed this country on, and 144 of them wholeheartedly recommend taking a trip here.
  • Average hotels here receive a ranking of 4 on a scale from 1 to 5.
  • The average room has a cleanliness rating of 4.
  • Service at local hotels have received a rating of 4 on average.
  • Comfort levels at local lodges garnered a score of 4. can save you money and time when locking down your stay at any of the hotels in Fiji, so you can spend your time getting the most out of your vacation and not stressing out about busting your budget. So why wait any longer to book your vacation to Australia - New Zealand and the South Pacific? Select your ideal travel dates now to view the best rates on vacations in Fiji!

Fiji hotel packages are available so that you can plan activities that suit you and your family. The locals take your needs seriously, and that is why many hotels in Fiji offer nanny services for family groups. Parents can consider making reservations at one of these top Fiji hotels. It is a great holiday destination for families, but it is also an amazingly romantic spot. Cheap hotel deals in Fiji are available to cater to the adult-only world. Romance easily blooms while standing on a balcony overlooking the grand views of the ocean. It is so breathtaking that you will find it hard to leave this special place.

The unique activities on the island include water and cave safaris. This is the best way to find the natural wonders that Fiji has to offer. Look for discount prices on tickets to see fire walking shows. You may not want to walk across hot coals, but it is pure magic to watch the locals partake in this island tradition. Adventurers will have a great time when they make reservations to visit Kula Eco Park. The park rates as one of the best activities for children in Fiji. Fruit bats, iguanas, and several varieties of colourful parrots are just a few of the many wild animals that you will see here.

A full day of activity on the island works up an appetite. The food served at the islands is quite different from foods served in other regions of the world. You can expect yams, rice, and fish as part of the menu selection at area restaurants. The mouthwatering taste of the coconut-garnished foods will delightfully surprise your taste buds. The food is spicy, so prepare for a little extra heat.

There are great Fiji hotel deals waiting to help you fulfill your get-a-way needs. The rooms offer the comforts of home with views that arouse the senses. It is a dream holiday that will expand your horizons in a place where the locals treat you like family.

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