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When you take advantage of best Niue hotel packages on your next vacation, you will enjoy a trip unlike any other. Niue is a self-governing country that has been annexed by New Zealand. While all of the 1,400 residents of Niue enjoy New Zealand citizenship, they also relate closely with their own island culture. This provides visitors with a unique cultural experience to enjoy on their trip to the island. The country provides everything from your typical South Pacific island experience, so travellers who book reservations at top Niue hotels should be ready to depart from the norm. The island is modern, and it is the world’s first country to offer free wireless Internet access to all citizens. In addition, it also does not have any traditional sand beaches.

While you won’t be lounging on sandy beaches when you take advantage of discount prices on hotels in Niue, there is plenty to see and do on the island. The island is surrounded by three reefs: the Beveridge, Antiope, and Harran reefs. These provide excellent snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. The landscape of the island is comprised of scenic yet harsh jagged cliffs and plateaus that add a touch of stark beauty to the landscape. The Tepa Point blowhole located close to Avatele is a must-see attraction. You can also ascend to Halagigie Point between Alofi Bay and Avatele Bay to enjoy panoramic views of both bays.

When you are not relaxing in the comfort of your rooms with Niue hotel deals, you can also explore the Vaikona Chasm. You can hike through a breathtaking maze of pinnacles made of dried out coral, climb through a darkened cave, and reach a freshwater pool that is ideal for taking a memorable swim. The top cheap hotel deals in Niue also provide you with access to the Avaiki Cave. Here, you can climb down a narrow gorge to swim in a scenic rock pool that is home to goatfish. Swimming is permitted every day except when the fish are spawning and on Sundays. While not a true beach in most tourists’ definition of the work, a trip to Hio Beach is not to be missed. This beach has the longest stretch of sand on the island, but you will have to climb down a long wooden staircase on a steep cliff to reach it. Be sure to visit this swim area during low tide so that you can trek across the reef to find excellent snorkeling with caves and overhangs in a shallow pool of water.

With special rates on a cheap Niue hotel deal, you can enjoy a spectacular South Pacific island experience that is unlike any other.

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