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What is a riad?

A riad is a type of lodging that you'll usually find in Morocco. This house features traditional art, including colourful tiled walls and carved archways, as well as airy courtyards with water fountains that serve to cool you down in the North African heat. Because of their distinctive architecture, riads are a popular accommodation among travellers visiting North Africa and southern Spain.

Why should I stay in a riad?

Staying in a riad can be a good cultural immersion experience. There's nothing quite like staying in a spot where you can constantly take in the smell of spices from tagines and the sight of furnishings covered in sumptuous silks. The 4- and 5-star riads make for great honeymoon escapes by offering incense-scented hammams and courtyard pools.

Where do you find riads?

You can find a plethora of riads in Morocco, from the bustling, dusty streets of the ancient towns of Fez and Marrakesh, to the villages in the Atlas Mountains. You'll also find similar structures offering bed and breakfast stays across North Africa and in southern Spain.

How much does it cost to stay in a riad?

The cost of staying in a riad will depend on the level of luxury it offers. The best riads in vibrant Fez and Marrakesh are likely to cost a lot, but you can expect these plush accommodations to offer top-notch services and facilities such as swimming pools and rooftop terraces with panoramic views of the colourful bazaars. You can find cheaper, more traditional riads off the beaten track.

How to book a riad

You can book a riad in the same way as a normal hotel by using Expedia's search function. Just enter your destination and your travel dates, then filter the search results to show riads only. If you're looking to get more bang for your buck, you might consider bundling flights and car rentals into your accommodation package.

What do riads offer?

Staying in a riad is all about enjoying its majestic architecture. This unique building with its bright painted tiles and intricate geometric design is a truly unique sight. Riads also have elegant arched doorways and quaint leafy courtyards. The high-end options offer a pampering that's reminiscent of the lifestyles of Moroccan princes and Berber nobles. Here you can treat yourself to relaxing spa treatments and sleep in a spacious, refined suite.

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