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Place des Heros which includes night scenes, nightlife and outdoor eating

Arras Attractions

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Activities and Tours

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Arras Attractions

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Top things to do in Arras

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Top places to visit

1. Grand Place

The Grand’ Place is the central hub of the city of Arras, where Baroque Flemish buildings loom impressively over restaurant tables and street performers. It initially grew from Arras’ markets in the center of the 11th-century town. Watch the people pass by from your seat at a café in this atmospheric square.
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Walk along the majestic colonnades of historic structures surrounding a market square. Its secret tunnels were used in World War I.

2. Place des Heros

An array of bars and restaurants make the Place des Héros the more animated of Arras’ two main squares. Both sprang from medieval markets. See the cobblestone plaza teeming with life in the evening, when its Flemish-style buildings are illuminated in golden light.
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Spend the evening in this quaint square to appreciate the intriguing Flemish designs of its buildings and enjoy a few drinks.

3. Arras War Cemetery

The Arras War Cemetery is a poignant tribute to soldiers who lost their lives in World War I. It consists of several sections, including the Arras Memorial, which has almost 35,000 stones of those with no known grave who died fighting in the Arras region between 1916 and 1918. Walk along this poignant memorial and think about the brutal war while paying your respects to the dead.
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Spend a contemplative afternoon in this peaceful field, honoring the lives of the dead soldiers from World War I.

4. Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral in Arras is a magnificent house of worship and a fine example of classical architecture. Explore the majestic interior and view many religious artworks, such as the Gallery of Saints, and the impressive stained-glass windows. Enjoy the cathedral at its best by attending a service and hear the grand organ accompanying the choir.
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See beautiful statues and stained-glass windows and learn about the rich history of this stunning Roman Catholic cathedral in Arras.

5. Wellington Quarry Museum

The Wellington Quarry Museum is an underground site that pays homage to the soldiers who built an intricate network of tunnels beneath Arras during World War I. The site contains historical artifacts that enlighten visitors about the greater context of Arras’ role in the war. Learn about the servicemen who risked their lives to create this important part of the Allies’ strategy.
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Visit this subterranean museum to find out about an intriguing piece of the complicated World War I that played a part in victory.

Popular places to visit in Arras