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How much does a cruise to Europe cost?

Cruise prices to Europe depend on several factors including duration, cruise line, cabin experience, time of year and even the departure port. You can easily discover exciting cruise trip itineraries on Expedia, unbeatable Europe cruise prices and exclusive Europe cruise 2024 offers.

Why should I go on a cruise to Europe?

A Europen cruise is a wonderful way to visit new countries and explore diverse cultures with rich histories. The continent is known for its variety of picturesque landscapes—from white-sand beaches to dense jungles to soaring mountains. So, whether you’re an art enthusiast, an avid hiker, a thrill-seeker or a laid-back beachgoer, there are multiple Europen cruise destinations to choose from that you’re guaranteed to tell stories about someday.

How can I find a cheap Europen cruise?

To find the best Europen cruise deals, simply sort your results by price from lowest to highest. The results will automatically display the best discount cruises first so you can choose from several top cruise deals.

Where can I find the best Europen cruise deals?

You can easily find cheap cruises to Europe that are tailored to you on Expedia. The price of a cruise to Europe may vary by season and duration. It’s important to remember that peak cruise season in Europe is from November to early May. Once you know your travel dates and desired itinerary, you can find a cruise and book your cruise trip with one of the many top cruise lines.

What to look out for when you book your Europen cruise?

When booking cruise tickets to Europe, it’s important to know that your starting port may differ from your final port. As air travel is often not included, you’ll be responsible for making your own air travel arrangements and you may need to book flights from different airports or countries. Destinations will vary depending on which cruise line you choose, so it’s recommended to look into this before booking. By making note of the best cruise lines in Europe, you can travel safely and in ultimate comfort.

How to book a cruise to Europe on Expedia?

Booking your dream Europen cruise vacation is made easy on Expedia. Just visit the ‘Cruises’ page, select ‘Europe’ as the destination, input the number of travellers and choose your dates. Then, you can easily sort the results by cruise line, cabin experience, date, duration, price and cruise terminal. Once you find a cruise, you’ll choose your cabin and then be redirected to finalize your details. After that, it’s officially time to get ready for your cruise vacation!

How can I find last-minute cruise deals to Europe?

You can find last-minute Europen cruise deals on Expedia by selecting your travel dates and sorting the results by price. Valid cruise deals will automatically be applied to the price displayed. Last-minute deals on cruises to Europe allow you to discover new cultures and make new stories.

Do you need a passport to cruise to Europe?

Yes, Canadian citizens are required to have their passports for cruises that go to Europe. A valid passport is needed when entering each country in Europe, but a tourist visa is not needed for stays of less than 90 days in most Europen countries. A closed-loop cruise to Europe is not possible from Canada so you should ensure you have a valid passport at the time of entry and departure.

Can I cancel my Europen cruise booking?

It’s possible to cancel your cruise to Europe in the ‘Trips’ section on Expedia or by contacting customer service. A customer service representative can help modify or cancel your cruise trip. It’s important to be mindful of the various cancellation and refund policies as they are determined by the cruise line. You're more likely to receive a better refund the further in advance you cancel your cruise trip.

Why should I book a cruise to Europe with Expedia?

Booking a cruise trip to Europe with Expedia gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose your dream cruise vacation. You’ll gain access to the top cruise deals to several destinations in Europe so that you can explore all the continent has to offer. Expedia Rewards members can book a cruise and earn points towards discounts on future travel.

What are the best things to do on a Europen cruise?

The possibilities are endless on (and off) a boat cruise to Europe. Onboard, you’ll be able to access guest amenities, taste the various dining options and take part in organized activities and events. Once your cruise ship reaches land, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the culture by taking part in local traditions, trying new foods and exploring cultural and historical sites.

What should I pack for my Europe cruise?

The climate in Europe varies by country. Several countries in Europe are below the equator which means their seasons are opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere. What you pack will depend entirely on your itinerary and the time of year you embark on your cruise vacation. To experience the best Europe cruise, it’s advised to pack comfortable clothes, sturdy walking shoes, bug spray, sunscreen and a portable charger to ensure you document all your adventure(s).

About Cruises to Europe

Europe is a land of breathtaking beauty, cultural charm, fine dining, and rich history. In just one European cruise, you can experience Nordic hospitality in Oslo, stroll around the Colosseum in Rome or take a shore excursion to the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

This beautiful continent is surrounded by water on its three sides which gives the cruisers incredible opportunities to choose an itinerary that best suits their dream vacation. Your Europe cruise can depart from Barcelona, Copenhagen, Southampton, Le Havre, Hamburg and many other European ports.

With so much to see and do, cruise lines often separate their European itineraries by regions:

Baltic and Scandinavian Cruises

There’s no better way to explore Northern Europe than with a Baltic cruise. Drift through the awe-inspiring fjords of Norway, wander around the fairytale town of Tallinn in Estonia or admire the architecture of St. Petersburg’s canals.

Cruises to the Baltic and Scandinavia are largely limited to the sunny summer months of July and August.

Mediterranean Cruises

The Mediterranean is probably one of the most popular regions in Europe. You can choose to explore the Western Mediterranean by pulling into port in Barcelona or Civitavecchia, taking you to the south of France and Spain. The Eastern Mediterranean may take you to the ancient ruins of Athens, the charming towns of Montenegro and the atmospheric islands of the Cyclades.

Many cruise lines offer itineraries of 7- 10 days or longer, but for those seeking a shorter vacation, MSC and Costa also offer 3-4- or 5-day cruises.

British Isles Cruises

Don’t forget that the glorious, green British Isles also welcome cruise liners throughout the year. Sail past medieval castles, charming coastal towns and spectacular highland vistas. Your Europe cruise could also take you to majestic Iceland, where days ashore promise the chance to glimpse breathtaking waterfalls and dramatic volcanoes.


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