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Istanbul Attractions

Istanbul is a city that evokes so much charisma and appeal, hard to resist, with rich culture, history, and the sheer colorfulness of its day-to-day life. This transcontinental city in Turkey, located along the Bosphorus, in between Black Sea and Sea of Marmara, offers a tantalizing mix of gorgeous natural and manmade splendors. Istanbul excursions can be a treat for a lifetime, one that can transport you into a voyage into the past while fascinating you with its enigmatic present.

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With an endless number of attractions in Istanbul, it might be hard for any tourist to pick a few favorites on the map. Book exclusive Istanbul tours right here, and visit the must see places in the city that spreads across two continents. Marvel at the splendid Hagia Sophia, resplendent of the magnificent Byzantine architecture in the Sultanahmet area. Behold the breathtaking Blue Mosque with its intricate minarets and domes. Be prepared to be enchanted by the impressive Topkapi Palace built in the Ottoman era, and don’t miss the famed Istanbul Archaeology Museum. Istanbul activities are not just about the top tourist spots, but also about the innumerable experiences which are hard to find elsewhere.

While you find yourself strolling through the winding streets and local bazaars, in your quest for ancient culture and history, be sure to visit the quaint cafes, shops, and restaurants. Istanbul excursions are rarely complete without the delightful culinary indulgences owing to its rich and diverse heritage. Sharpen your haggling skills at the Grand Bazaar, one of the largest indoor markets in the world. From spices to carpets and clothing to trinkets, shopping for one-of-a-kind souvenirs, from the local vendors, is sure to be addicting.

Now, on Expedia, it is possible to visit and enjoy the city with an insider’s perspective. Book your entire vacation, from start to finish, in a matter of minutes, and fly to your own paradise in Turkey. Coveted for a vibrant culture and enchanting past that seamlessly converge with the present, Istanbul tours can be one rewarding experience.

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