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Dongpirang Village which includes a bay or harbour, a house and general coastal views

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Top places to visit

1. Gwangalli Beach

Gwangalli Beach is an urban beach well-known for its fine sand and clean, swimmable water. It sits in an attractive bay while looking out across the Sea of Japan to a famous bridge. Gwangalli Beach is a hive of activity from early in the morning until long into the night. Find traditional Korean barbecue restaurants, a fish market, amusement park and concert stage.
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Swim in the calm water of a sheltered bay, dine at waterfront seafood bars and see uninterrupted views of Gwangan Bridge.

2. Haeundae Beach

On sunny days in July and August, Haeundae Beach is the most popular spot in Busan. Fields of colorful umbrellas line the entire 0.9-mile (1.5-kilometer) stretch. Masses of visitors float on bright yellow tubes. Regularly, more than 100,000 people come here each day during the summer. On particularly hot days, the beach has hosted up to a million sun worshipers, making it as much a place to people-watch as a place to swim.
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Let your cares float away while you bob on a tube just off Korea’s most famous beach, where locals and tourists come to see and be seen.

3. Dadaepo Beach

Dadaepo Beach is Busan’s most famous stretch of sand. Join locals at this delightful beach where the waters are shallow and gentle, there are plenty of facilities and the scenery is beautiful. There is also the rather impressive Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dream spectacle to enjoy too.
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Head to Busan’s most popular beach for a day of swimming, building sand castles and watching the impressive musical fountain show.

4. Songjeong Beach

Discover a relaxed coastal atmosphere at Songjeong Beach. Join the hordes of local families that come to relish in the beach’s calm water and gorgeous sand. Dabble in watersports, go fishing and be part of vibrant festivals. Songjeong Beach is the quieter and less commercial option to the nearby, developed resort of Haeundae Beach.
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Enjoy swimming, surfing and live music events during the warm summer months at this quiet beach situated on Busan’s east coast.

5. Gukje Market

Prepare yourself for a sensory overload at Gukje Market. This vast street market has hundreds of shops packed tightly together along a network of both covered and open-air lanes. Browse for electronics, fashion trends and sundry household goods. Enjoy the traditional flavors of Korean snacks. Gukje Market began during the Korean War of the early 1950s when refugees sold their wares as a way to make a living.
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Shop for clothing, homeware and souvenirs and sample typical Korean street food at this sprawling and lively market that is popular with locals.

6. Busan University of Foreign Studies

Students at the Busan University of Foreign Studies are resolutely turned toward the world. Studying more than 15 languages from all over the globe, from English to Thai, they learn about international law and business, international studies and more, all in a striking modern campus at the foot of Geumjong Mountain. Walk amid the buildings along the esplanade. Bring a picnic with treats procured from nearby shops to enjoy while listening to the chatter of multiple languages.
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Hear the sound of Malaysian, Russian, Italian or Uzbek without leaving Busan at one of Korea’s foremost universities of languages and international relations.

7. Songdo Beach

Join the city residents and tourists that escape the sweltering summer heat of downtown Busan at Songdo Beach. Created in 1913 and upgraded in the 2000s, Songdo Beach is Korea’s first public beach. The name Songdo means pine island and is a reference to pine forests that were once thought to flourish in the area. It presents a quieter coastal experience to Busan’s other beaches such as Gwangalli Beach and Haeundae Beach.
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Fine golden sand, lively restaurants, a sky walk and lively music festivals make this a popular beach in southern Busan.

8. Shinsegae Centum City

Shinsegae means “new world,” an appropriate description for this 14-floor, all-encompassing department store. Officially the largest department store in the world, Shinsegae Centum City offers the hottest brands, the finest foods and numerous entertainment and relaxation options.
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Pull on ice skates, practice your golf swing or slip into a spa at the world’s largest department store. You’ll find great shopping and dining too, of course.

9. Busan Cinema Center

For just over a week in October, the Busan Cinema Center is the focus of one of Asia’s and the world’s biggest film festivals. Known affectionately as “Dureraum,” which in Korean means “enjoying seeing movies all together,” the center is much more than just a host for the almost 200,000 people who descend on the city to appreciate the best of Korean and international cinema. See a movie practically any day of the year, appreciate the architecture and visit the Asian Film Archive.
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The home of the world-renowned Busan Film Festival, a year-round hotspot for cinephiles and architecture lovers, has one of the world’s largest cantilevered roofs.

10. Taejongdae Park

One of the southernmost points in Busan, Taejongdae Park is one of Busan’s best natural landscapes. Take a walk on the gentle hiking trails, enjoy the coastal views and find a little tranquility after exploring busy Busan.
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Hike along the dramatic cliffs and through the misty pine forests of this peninsula park, where legends say the gods once came to relax.

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