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Taipei is the fun capital of Taiwan and is full of modern malls, ancient temples, rich palaces and night markets.

The capital of Taiwan, Taipei shares the basin of an ancient lake with New Taipei City. The Tamsui River runs through the cities, which are separate administrative entities.

Just to the north of the Tropic of Cancer, Tapei enjoys hot tropical summers and warm winters.

Taipei is easy to get around, has a computer-savvy population and a unique and interesting culture.

6 million people visit Taipei each year. Many head straight to the city’s landmark skyscraper, Taipei 101, the National Palace Museum, and the glorious Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall downtown.To the southeast, the Maokong tea-growing area is another favorite destination. Learn more about the cultivation of the world’s favorite drink, then jump aboard the Maokong Gondola for panoramic views over Taipei.

The gondola stops at the huge Taipei Zoo, which featured in the Oscar-winning movie The Life of Pi in 2012. Signs tell you which real-life animals starred in this animated 3D spectacle and you can come eye-to-eye with the Formosan black bear.

Visit the Shilin Night Market to hear the vendors shout out their specialties in Mandarin and order delicious Chinese food such as roast duck or noodle soup. Of course, a temple tour should be on your itinerary too. Admire the buddhist dragon sculptures in Longshan Temple and see how the sober interior of the Confucius Temple embraces the philosophy of being content with little.

Taipei hosts many festivals and in the 5th lunar month, around the time of the dragon boat festival, you can photograph traditional races. 

The dolphin-shaped island of Taiwan in the North Pacific Ocean is just a short flight away from Hong Kong. From Taipei, it is easy to take a plane to anywhere on the island.

Where to stay in Taipei

Ximending showing street scenes, a city and cbd


4.5/5(52 area reviews)

Dubbed the "Harajuku of Taipei," this bustling shopping district attracts youth with its fashion, subculture, and Japanese and Korean influences. Explore the Ximending Pedestrian Area, visit the Red House Theater, or catch street performances.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum featuring modern architecture and art


4.5/5(114 area reviews)

Featuring recreational areas like Rongxing Garden Park and historical sites such as Lin An Tai Historical House, this district offers a mix of leisure and culture. Explore museums, temples, and a vibrant "Little Manila" area, easily accessible via Taipei Metro.

Taipei which includes a temple or place of worship, heritage architecture and religious elements


4.5/5(133 area reviews)

Home to cultural and educational sites, this district boasts Taipei Botanical Garden, National Taiwan Museum, and various shopping malls like Guang Hua Digital Plaza. Enjoy seamless transportation with Taipei Main Station and multiple metro lines.

Daan showing night scenes, motorcycle riding and a city