Nuevo León

Nuevo León
Discover the rugged beauty of the mountain ranges in one of Mexico’s biggest national parks and experience the buzz of one of the country’s largest cities.

The northeastern state of Nuevo León encompasses jagged mountain ranges, arid plateaus and sprawling cities. Visit the state capital, Monterrey, to see where modernity and history meet. Head for the mountain ranges to hike or climb through canyons to waterfalls and dams.

Explore Monterrey, where historic buildings stand in contrast to modern developments. The Macroplaza features the magnificent Metropolitan Cathedral alongside the Faro de Comercio, a contemporary architectural landmark that beams a laser-like light across the city. This plaza is also home to the Museum of Mexican History and the Museum of the Northeast.

Wander along the Paseo Santa Lucia, which follows the canal to Fundidora Park. Set on an old industrial complex, this multipurpose space features walking paths, museums and an arts center.

Head out into the Cumbres de Monterrey to experience Nuevo León’s dramatic landscapes and the stunning formations of the Sierra Madre Oriental range. Go to rock climbing or rappelling sites in the Matacanes, el Salto or Laberinto canyons. Be awed by the cascades of the Cola de Caballo (Horse Tail) waterfall or go sailing across the still waters of La Boca dam. Grutas de Garcia is a fascinating network of caverns inside a mountain, which can be reached by cable car. See more intriguing caves in the town of Bustamante.

Try fresh fruit in the citrus-growing hub of Montemorelos and visit Linares, a small but scenic city nestled between two rivers. For outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking, head to the scenic Cañón de Huasteca, a canyon in Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey.

Don’t leave without trying some of local culinary specialties, including cabrito (goat) or glorias, which are sweets made with burnt milk and nuts. Monterrey’s Livestock Fair in May is a great way to get introduced to the local culinary customs. Time your visit to coincide with the city’s Bella Via Festival in October to see the streets and plazas decorated with artworks.

Nuevo León can be accessed via Monterrey International Airport, as well as by bus. The state shares a border with the United States and has a checkpoint at Colombia Solidarity Bridge near Laredo.

Popular cities in Nuevo León

Monterrey showing a garden
Known for Shopping, Business and Museums
Priding itself on its passionately independent culture, the City of Mountains stands out from other cities in this still traditional Central American country.

Reasons to visit

  • Fundidora Park
  • Basilica de Guadalupe