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Known for Monument, River and Beach

Admire the shifting sand dunes and swaying palm trees that loom over the warm, blue-green ocean in this picturesque region.

How do you get to Natal?

Pristine beaches and an intriguing Portuguese colonial past make Natal special. In this fascinating city spot dolphins, encounter an immense cashew tree and walk across one of Brazil’s largest cable bridges. Drift lazily off the beaches along the eastern coast for spectacular views of forested hills.

Sunbathe on Pirangi Beach, which is divided into two parts by its eponymous river. Go snorkeling to see colorful fish and wander along the pier on the northern section of the bay. Take a short walk northwest to the Pirangi Cashew Tree, which entered the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest. Take a guided tour of the one-tree forest to discover the original trunk among the maze of branches.

The Pirangi sites lie on the edge of the Parnamirim commune on Natal’s southeastern outskirts. See its Barreira do Inferno Launch Center and visit the local market for food and handicrafts.

Feast on the region’s delicacies, which frequently involve shrimp and lobster. Beach towns such as Barra do Cunhaú and Pipa base their economies around shrimp, served in many restaurants overlooking the ocean. Go surfing in the shadow of cliffs at Cotovelo Beach and visit the scenic Baía Formosa and Genipabu Beach.

Natal’s historic center retains a seductive charm. Attend a dance recital or play in the historic air-conditioned Alberto Maranhão Theater, which has a pleasing pastel façade. Visit the nearby Natal City Hall and Teatro Riachuelo.

The city is on the northeastern tip of Brazil in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. Fly to Aeroporto Internacional de Natal and drive east for 18 miles (30 kilometers) to get here. Cross the vast Newton Navarro Bridge, which has excellent views of the star-shaped Fort of Three Kings. Get around the city by bus, taxi or buggy.

Note that Natal is Portuguese for Christmas. It was founded on December 25, 1599. Natal is known across the globe for its pristine sandy havens, excellent seafood and extraordinary cashew tree.

Things to do in Natal

Storm up and down the steep sand dunes and meander around the palm trees on a rented buggy on this picturesque beach.

Visit this exceptional one-tree forest, where branches sweep across a huge area. Let your kids play and pick cashews freely.

Explore this historic star-shaped fort and chapel complex that reveals the military interests and biblical beliefs of the Portuguese settlers.

Gaze up at Natal’s most famous dune on the southern end of this beach. Visit its many stalls, bars and restaurants.

Stroll along the banks of the river that divides these beach sections, swim among colorful fish and encounter an enormous cashew tree.

Stroll down the pier for a view of the bridge that hovers over this scenic beach. Enjoy its lively atmosphere and local fried fish delicacy.

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We leave the hotel by buggy and can contemplate the beautiful urban beaches. The first natural landscape to be appreciated is the encounter of the Potengi River with the sea, just after passing the Newton Navarro Bridge.

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We will go by buggy towards the South Coast of Rio Grande do Norte, appreciating the wonderful scenarios composed by cliffs. Our first stop will be at the first rocket airbase in South America: the Barreira do Inferno Launch Center of the Brazilian Air Force.

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Explore Natal by night and immerse yourself in city's dazzling lights and sounds. Head out in the late evening to an open-air night club where Brazilian rhythms heat up the night.

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Maracajaú, located 43.5 miles (70 km) from Natal, is the ideal place to experience the beauty of a beach still untouched by urbanization. Known as the Brazilian Caribbean, Maracajaú offers incredible snorkeling and diving opportunities in the crystalline waters of Parrachos.

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Leave your hotel in the morning and head down motorway BR101 on the way to Pipa Beach, one of the Brazilian coastline's most popular attractions. Travel about 56 miles (90 km) to Tibau do Sul, a beach town known for its beauty and relaxed charm.

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This tour departs daily from the hotels around eight o'clock in the morning. It is perfect for those who want to know the main sights of the city in just one day, without giving up comfort and security. After leaving the hotel, we will pass the urban beaches and the Historic Center of the City.

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