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Malbun which includes a river or creek, a small town or village and tranquil scenes
Don’t be fooled by its small size, as this exciting nation is packed with exciting culture and stunning natural scenery.

View the works of some of Europe’s finest artisans, admire ancient castles set beneath vast mountain ranges and enjoy skiing in the sublime lower Alps when you visit Liechtenstein.

Established as a sovereign state in 1806, Liechtenstein measures just 15 miles (25 kilometers) in length and 7 miles (12 kilometers) at its widest point. Visit the capital Vaduz with only 5,000 permanent residents but much for travelers to see and do.

Start at the Liechtenstein National Museum for a look into the heritage and habitats that are a source of pride for the local people. View paintings from local artists including Depero and Pistoletto at the stunning black-walled Liechtenstein Art Museum before you stroll up a hillside just out of town to Vaduz Castle. The home of the reigning prince is a breathtaking sight with colossal snowcapped peaks reaching up behind it.

Visit the stunning Gutenberg Castle, a 20-minute drive south from Vaduz. Tall spires and turrets rise from this majestic 13th-century structure. Stay to enjoy the surrounding woodland walking paths.

Wind your way northeast to the tranquil municipality of Triesenberg at a height of 3,300 feet (1,000 meters). Discover the history of the mysterious Walser Tribe at the Walser Museum and view a 400-year-old traditional house. 

Take the time to visit Malbun, a small European ski resort. This area has more than 12 miles (20 kilometers) of quiet slopes, with options for all skiing abilities. Summers bring long hot days, perfect for hiking or mountain biking.

Liechtenstein is flanked by Austria to the east and Switzerland to the west. The country has no airports, so fly to Zurich and travel to Vaduz by public transportation. Stay in hotels in the major towns and cities or private chalets in the mountain areas. Wherever you are, be sure to try the national food specialty, ribel, a cornmeal dish similar to polenta.

Popular cities in Liechtenstein

Vaduz showing a city, café lifestyle and street scenes
Known for Castle, Historical and Mountains
It may be small but this cozy capital provides a fantastic range of historical and cultural gems.

Reasons to visit

  • Vaduz Castle
  • Liechtenstein Art Museum
  • Liechtenstein National Museum
Triesenberg featuring a hotel and mountains
Known for Mountains, Cross-country skiing and Hiking
Elegance and alpine charm make this small town a delightful place to relax and immerse yourself in Liechtenstein’s mountain culture.

Reasons to visit

  • Malbun Ski Resort
Liechtenstein showing a small town or village and street scenes
Known for Culture, Historical and Mountains
Castle ruins, heritage houses and hiking trails in beautiful alpine countryside are part of this peaceful northern corner of Liechtenstein.


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