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Beauty, adventure, and recreation await travellers to Lake Placid.

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Winter time, or any time, is perfect for a holiday in picturesque Lake Placid. Perched in the breathtaking Adirondack Mountains, this gorgeous lake-view village is the perfect retreat for outdoor adventure and recreation.

A Sporting Little Village

It’s no surprise that Lake Placid is a two-time host for the Winter Olympics. Sloping mountains, generous snowfall, and a proximity to New York City make it the perfect location for sports such as skiing, snowboarding, bobsledding, skating, and hockey. A plethora of professional sporting events also call Lake Placid home, including the Iron Man Triathlon, ESPN’s Great Outdoor Games, the Winter Empire State Games, and the CAN/AM adult pond hockey tournament, just to name a few.

Book Lake Placid, NY accommodations near East Lake, West Lake, or Placid Lake for your own sports adventures in the summer, like boating, fishing, whitewater rafting, or paddling. Stay higher up the mountain for cycling, hiking, hunting, or rock climbing in the Adirondack’s 46 High Peaks.

Gold Medal Accommodations

After your sporting adventures, a luxurious hotel, riveting nightlife, and decadent cuisine are exactly what you’ll need. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly diners, delicious bakeries, quick coffee shops, or award-winning bistros, Lake Placid has the place for you. Pubs, bars, and taverns abound here as well.

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