Ciudad del Carmen showing a statue or sculpture, signage and tropical scenes
Discover an unspoiled slice of Mexico with picture-perfect colonial architecture, a wild and undeveloped coastline and breathtaking archaeological sites.

Campeche State is Mexico at its very best, a delightfully carefree region proud of its long heritage, its distinctive culture, its pretty capital and its untouched nature. Be beguiled by the charming authenticity which prevails here. Wander tranquil archaeological sites which match the grandeur of Chichén Itzá, be dazzled by the colonial beauty of the capital and delve in to the wilderness in search of abundant wildlife.

Start your trip in the capital of Campeche, a city so scenic you could be forgiven for thinking it is a movie set. Multicolored colonial mansions line cobbled streets and vast “baluartes”(bastions) are lasting mementos of the great city walls. Visit Campeche Cathedral and the nearby Casa Número 6 Cultural Center, a restored upper-class mansion, before heading to the Museo Arqueológico de Campeche Fuerte de San Miguel housed within an impressive fort.

Outside of the city, explore rustic villages tucked between great tracts of thick green jungle and a coastline covered in a tangle of mangroves and lagoons. Head into the wilds to spot brightly colored birds, turtles laying eggs on the protected beaches and dolphins playing in the surf.

Campeche’s archaeological sites remain somewhat under the radar. Yet they are as large and profound as some of Mexico’s most famous Mayan sites. The site of Edznásits closest to the capital and is a peaceful place to while away an afternoon. Venture farther afield to find spectacular sites such as Yaax'Che, and Chicanná. And no trip would be complete without a visit to Calakmul. Explore one of the largest Mayan sites in Mexico, where 6,000 ancient structures have been swallowed up within dense jungle inhabited by roaring howler monkeys.

The state of Campeche is located on the Yucatán Peninsula and borders Quintana Roo, which is home to popular resorts such as Cancún and Playa del Carmen. Fly from Mexico City or Cancún to Campeche International Airport and take advantage of Mexico’s good long-distance bus network to get around the state.

Popular cities in Campeche

Seybaplaya which includes rocky coastline, tropical scenes and general coastal views
Known for Historical, Culture and Business
Get off the tourist trail in this immaculately preserved colonial city, which boasts picturesque cobbled streets, grand fortifications and plenty of personality.

Reasons to visit

  • Bonita Beach
  • Campeche Cathedral
  • Puerta de Tierra
Ciudad del Carmen
Ciudad del Carmen
Known for Business, Beach view and Fishing
Wander along the picturesque coastal promenade, attend a religious service at pretty colonial churches and relax on the surrounding beaches.

Reasons to visit

  • Our Lady of Carmen Church
  • El Zacatal Bridge
  • Victoriano Nieves Cespedes Museum
Known for Nature, Natural parks and Historical
Explore eerie caves and visit the churches and museums in this town with a name that translates to “Place of Five Wells.”
Champoton which includes heritage elements as well as a small group of people
Known for Relaxing, Natural parks and Theatres
Pull up a seat at a seafood shack, learn about the local history and cruise through the mangrove-dotted waters of this municipality’s arterial river to spot wildlife.