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How do you get to Attigliano?

Things to do in Attigliano

Boat and fish on the crystal clear waters of this crater lake formed by an extinct volcano. Walk or cycle along the shoreline, snap photographs or try your hand at painting the scenic views.

Ride through a charming channel of trees and appreciate Umbria’s undulating terrain on your trip to the old town of Orvieto.

Gaze at this cathedral’s remarkable façade, which is rich with glowing mosaics, carved details and vibrant frescos of biblical figures.

Learn about ancient techniques involving pigeon keeping and tool construction in the labyrinth of mysterious caves beneath Orvieto’s old town.

Descend into the eerie abyss of this 16th-century mountain well to admire its intriguing layout, seemingly countless arched windows and lucky coins.

Spot an intriguing display of mythological and fantastical sculptures, fountains and obelisks as you stroll amid this 16th-century garden.

Climb the stairs to reach the top of this historic tower and be rewarded with an unobstructed panorama of Orvieto’s medieval streets.

Home to a miraculous icon, this 16th-century church also impresses with its huge cupolas and its elegant geometric interior architecture.