Recent Reviews for Air New Zealand

Mar 9, 2020

So much better than most airlines... Kia Ora!

Mar 9, 2020

I will definitely fly Air New Zealand again, I have no complaints, fantastic crew and modern new plane. Love this airline.

Mar 8, 2020

Love the interactive quiz on the overheads. It helps pass the time.

Mar 5, 2020

Great service, nice people Excellent flight

Mar 4, 2020

The little tin-can to Gizzy is always a pleasure even with instant coffee and cookies in plastic wrapper!

Feb 28, 2020

Will fly Air NZ again.

Feb 23, 2020

Flight good

Feb 21, 2020

Food average

Feb 17, 2020

Everything was good until we arrived a LAX. Firstly, we had to claim our baggage and then redrop it for shipping even though we were in transit almost immediately. Our baggage went directly to our final destination going down??? The biggest issue was handling of passengers in LAX. It was a complete zoo. 1000's of passengers packed together for processing through Homeland, including 3 flights from Asia. If corona virus was around then this was a perfect opportunity to spread it everywhere. Finally, we had to walk more than a mile to another terminal for the next leg of our flight. We spent about 2 3/4 hours getting through customs, baggage and walking to our flight. We would have missed our flight except for the fact that we were let through the lines because we had cleared customs and didn't have to follow everyone round and round the queue . We will do what ever we can to avoid going through LAX again.

Feb 16, 2020

Awesome food and plentiful. Pleasant flight attendants.

Where does Air New Zealand fly?

The top routes that Air New Zealand flies are:

  • CHC to AKL (1650+ flights per month)
  • AKL to CHC (1550+ flights per month)
  • WLG to AKL (1240+ flights per month)
  • AKL to WLG (1100+ flights per month)
  • NSN to AKL (950+ flights per month)

Where can I get Air New Zealand flights, fares, and package deals?

We've got everything you need. Use Expedia's travel tools to find the latest cheap flights and specials. Book your reservation right here, no hassle. Whether you're jetting off for business or heading out on a yearly getaway, Expedia makes your journey just as fun as the destination.

Based in Auckland, NZ, Air New Zealand offers comfortable service to destinations across throughout New Zealand and Australia. See the sights in Sydney. Discover the coast in Cairns. Spend a weekend getting to know Christchurch. Wherever you're going, ANZ will get you there with time to spare.

Can I fly luxury with Air New Zealand?

Looking for the ultimate luxury experience? Consider booking your trip with the Air New Zealand business class and first-class options, Business and Business Premier. These so-chic reservations give travelers access to the finest amenities, from lie-flat beds and private cabins to exclusive stowage bins and in-flight entertainment.

Does Air New Zealand fly to the USA and internationally?

Exploring the States has never been easier. With tickets to more than 40 major travel hubs, ANZ lets you jump from Los Angeles to New Orleans in a snap. Need a tropical escape? Say aloha to the islands with ANZ's regular flights to and from Honolulu.

Of course, there's a huge world out there for you to explore. From Paris to Osaka, Lisbon to Tahiti, ANZ makes globetrotting a breeze. Browse Expedia's list of air fares for the most up-to-date international packages.

How can Expedia help me book Air New Zealand flights?

Once you've found the destination for you and booked your air flight with Expedia, check for the latest check-in options, in-flight amenities and baggage policies. Whether you're searching for domestic flights or planning your next exotic adventure, Expedia and ANZ put the world in your hands.