We’re not going to ask you your sign. You’ve probably been asked enough times at the bar to throw a drink in someone’s face if it happens again (extra likely if you’re a fiery Leo). Some people find astrology to be a tried and true depiction of character, while others find it whimsical but unreliable (is that you, practical Taurus?). Whether you always know your latest horoscope or secretly love a good zodiac guide, we’re here to provide you some answers in life—specifically about travel.

When it comes to picking your next trip, why not pair your adventure with your sign? From the local countryside to all of North America, we can think of a few places you’d like. Here are the best travel destinations based on your zodiac sign.

Aries (Mar 21- Apr 19)

OK, Aries, we know you have no time for commonplace adventures. You are strong-willed, spontaneous, creative, and adaptable to anything thrown your way. In fact, you’re usually the one surprising your friends and daring them to take on new challenges. With that said, here are our picks for you.

Local Pick: Innisfail, Alberta

There’s something very specific in Innisfail, Alberta, that we have a feeling you’ve never tried before: wingsuit jumping. Like a bat out of hell, you’ll find yourself free falling to the earth with a company like Rocky Mountain Wingsuit. And if that’s not heart-pumping enough for you, you animal, there’s always the Discovery Wildlife Park, Innisfail Pro Rodeo, or a little extra cloud action with Skydive Big Sky.

wing suit diving

International Pick: San Miguel Chapultepec, Mexico City, MX

When you’re ready to flex your creative muscles, make a trip down to San Miguel Chapultepec in Mexico City. The grey concrete walls contrast with the colourful art galleries and dark gravel streets give green ferns and brightly hued cafes a chance to shine. Needless to say, this is a growing artist hot spot these days, and you won’t want to miss it.


Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

Taurus, we know you probably already have a meticulous travel list, with dates, times, and maps planned out. You wouldn’t be your practical self if you didn’t. But we think you need to let go. It’s time to both indulge the nature-side of your sign and push that stubborn streak of yours.

Local Pick: Ucluelet, British Columbia

Turn off your phone and snap together your lifejacket in Ucluetlet, British Columbia. This rugged Pacific Northwest town is a primo locale for kayaking in the harbour, where you can spot seals and even a wayward bear in the distance. Or, if you want to surf the waves, there are some top shorelines like Long Beach close by. The Wild Pacific Trail is another option around here, with gnarled roots, blankets of moss, and enough mist to make you feel like you’re in a much better version of a “Twilight” movie. And if you really want to relax those intense Taurus tendencies, sit yourself down on a bench at the Ucluelet Aquarium and watch the sea life float by.

Ucluelet photo by rabbit.Hole via Trover.com

International Pick: Jackson, New Jersey, USA

Ready to push your comfort zone, Taurus? Then you need to find your way to Jackson, New Jersey, and visit a new friend of yours: Kingda Ka—the tallest rollercoaster in the world. You’re practical, so here are the facts: It’s roughly 45 stories high, goes over 200 km an hour, and shoots you up at a 90-degree angle. New Jersey doesn’t mess around. Think you have what it takes to visit? We dare you.


Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

Not sure where to travel next, Gemini? Don’t worry, we know how split you can feel about picking the right place to visit. After all, your sign is all about opposites. Hot, cold, loud, quiet—a sort of song of fire and ice, if you will…So here are our recommendations of the best zodiac travel destinations for balance.

Local Pick: Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

Here’s what we love about Crowsnest Pass in Alberta: It’s just as easy to find craft lattes and symphony performances as it is to escape to the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains. The Pass itself is a collective of five smaller towns, giving it a blend of personalities not unlike a Gemini’s spirit. While here, catch an independent film at the classic Orpheum Theatre, get buzzed at Crowsnest Coffee Company, and sign up for workshops at the Artist Collective Studio. And when you’re ready to get dirty, take a bike ride through the landscape, make a day of it at Crowsnest River, and tour Bellevue Underground Mine.

crows nest pass

Crowsnest Pass via Flickr via Paul Jerry

International Pick: Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

Flagstaff confuses people in the best of ways. Yes, it’s located in the desert state of Arizona, but it actually comprises forest and wildlife. This dichotomy makes it a perfect spot for a Gemini. Check out the unique flora and fauna at the Arboretum at Flagstaff, the night sky at the famous Lowell Observatory, or take on winter sports like cross-country skiing at Arizona Nordic Village. And when you’re ready for a complete change of landscape, simply drive 115 km north until you hit the legendary Grand Canyon.


Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

What we love about you, Cancer, is that you never stop observing. Sure, you can be a bit moody at times and tend to blend into dark places, but you also love participating in tradition and learning about new customs. You’re someone who likes becoming a part of the scene—especially if that scene is under the radar.

Local Pick: Fort Erie, Ontario

For a Cancer who loves tradition, why stop at one country? Fort Erie, Ontario, hosts the annual Friendship Festival, which promotes the healthy relationship between the United States and Canada. This event includes rides, storytellers, and antiques. While in town, you might also want to stop into the Fort Erie History Museum or Railroad Museum to learn more about the area’s past, or see the names on the Fort Erie Sports Wall of Fame.

Brew HaHa! via Yelp/Weasley M.

International Pick: Brandywine Valley, Delaware, USA

If you love tradition and off-the-beaten-path places, Cancer, then we’d like to point you to Brandywine Valley that starts in Delaware, the oldest state in the United States. This valley is home to peaceful gardens, lush estates, and local breweries. In particular, you’ll want to stop into the whimsical Longwood Gardens (located on the Pennsylvania side of the valley) or Winterthur, a classic estate-turned-museum. And while you’re in the area, make your way to Brew HaHa!, the local coffee chain that offers the kind of intimate feel a Cancer would love.


Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Leo, we know you’re a leader so we need to pair you with places that will make someone like you feel challenged and other people intimidated. You won’t settle for anything less than dynamic destinations or you’ll give us a piece of your mind.

Local Pick: North Battleford, Saskatchewan

Want to lead the pack and test the limits? Head to North Battleford, Saskatchewan, which is home to the legendary Blue Mountain Adventure Park. Enter the battlefield of whizzing targets on the paintball field, dare to look down the towering zip lines, and become the first one of your group to finish the high rope course. If you’re travelling in winter, you might also stop by Table Mountain Regional Park, which hosts night skiing and snowboarding, with 60 percent of their trails in the advanced to extreme range.

aerial miami

International Pick: Miami, Florida, USA

You want dynamic? We doubt you’ll find anything better than Miami. Take your pick of neon-lit dance clubs, flavourful Cuban dishes, and beaches full of people pretty enough to audition for “The Bachelorette.” While you can spend most of your time drenched in glitter and sticky cocktails in South Beach, we’d also recommend checking out the World Erotic Art Museum, taking an airboat over alligator-filled waters at Everglades Safari Park, or stuffing your face with exotic flavours at Azucar Ice Cream.


Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

With a creative, keen mind and a chatty personality, we know you’re looking for a place to express yourself, Virgo. You need to travel to places where you’ll feel inspired and come away with good stories to tell your friends back home.

Local Pick: Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec

When you want to find yourself inspired by lush countryside and an artistic community, make your way to Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec. Spend the day at Musée d’art contemporain for a tasteful blend of art and culture. Roll into town during Rêves d’automne, an art festival which includes a nationwide painting contest. Or, make your way to the nearby meteor crater (one of the largest in the world). The impact is said to have released mystic energies—making it perfect for new ideas.

Memorial Union in Madison, Wisconsin via Flickr/Richard Hurd

International Pick: Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Madison, Wisconsin, is known as one of the best college towns in the States, with tons of intellectual discussions, pretty sights, and that Midwestern friendliness you can’t find anywhere else. Meet new people at hot spots like Karben4 Brewery, Old Sugar Distillery, or Colectivo Coffee. Discover something new to talk about after a show at Atlas Improv, or come away with new thoughts after reflection time at University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum. And if you’re someone who loves adding “That’s what she said” into conversation, don’t miss a chance to compare sausage sizes at the annual Brat Fest.


Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Balance, justice, and harmony are the keys to life for you, Libra. Those scales of your sign are quite important to you and one false move can put you severely out of whack. This is why we’ve tracked down the best places to find your chill.

Local Pick: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Truth be told, there’s no better place for a Libra than the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The centre aims to promote understanding and compassion, with exhibits that focus on human rights, refugees, and artistic expression across the globe. And if you need some time to contemplate how you can put more good into the world, you can always sign up for a meditation class at Yoga Public, the largest yoga studio in the country.

bridge over river with sunset manitoba

Canadian Museum for Human Rights via Fliackr/AJ Batac

International Pick: Annapolis, Maryland, USA

It seems a little silly to describe how lovely Annapolis is, but we’ll give it a try. This harmonious capital of Maryland is located on Chesapeake Bay, with swaying boats in the harbour, colonial-style homes, and dozens of art galleries. While here, catch a performance of the Ballet Theatre of Maryland or the Annapolis Shakespeare Company. Walk along Main Street for boutique shopping. Or visit during the first Sunday of the month to experience over 100 painters, sculptors, and musicians making the Arts District come alive during First Sunday Arts.


Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Bold, observant, and a dash of rogue tendencies. If there was a sign that loved places with a few shakes of illicit it would be you, Scorpio. Luckily, we know just the right spots where the lights are turned down low and something different is just around the corner.

Local Pick: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Have you ever been to a speakeasy, because they would become your new favourite things, Scorpio. As it so happens, Halifax has a number of tucked-away watering holes that promise wild nights. There’s Black Sheep Restaurant, which you can only find following arrows down the alley. Red Stag Tavern, tucked inside Alexander Keith’s Brewery. And then there’s Noble, a hidden bar under Middle Spoon where you need a password to get in. While in Halifax, you might also want to try something some people aren’t bold enough to experience: floating in a sensory deprivation tank at the Flotation Centre. Given your love of dark spaces, you may just leave the tank utterly refreshed.

flaming drink coupe glass

Noble in Halifax via Yelp/Anderson B.

International Pick: Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA

Some gangsters prefer the spotlight in places like Las Vegas or New York. But real mobsters prefer the unexpected—which is why a place like Hot Springs, Arkansas, saw its share of intrigue and residents like Al Capone. Thus, this city is home to the Gangster Museum, with galleries that speak of former swindlers and bootleggers. While in town, you may also like a trip into Hot Springs National Park, where you can take in the sights while enjoying solitude only the Ozarks can provide.


Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Are you the person who keeps the conversation going by asking a ton of questions? Yeah, you’re probably a Sagittarius. Known for your philosophical mind, your curious nature, and focused aptitude, we know you crave places where your thoughts can wander.

Local Pick: Wilsonville, Ontario

When you need a place to let your imagination unfurl, make a trip to Wilsonville, Ontario, and visit the Whistling Gardens. This is where you’ll find the largest public peony collection in North America. Wander through the gardens amongst thousands of bright hues and colourful shades. And if you want to express those new thoughts, there’s always the Artist Workshop in greater Norfolk County.

mystery spot sign

Santa Cruz photo byArup Paul via Trover.com

International Pick: Santa Cruz, California, USA

Love to solve a good mystery? You might meet your match at the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz. This unusual locale in the California forest is where gravity takes a life of its own and folks are left asking questions of how this can be real. Speaking of asking life’s big questions, make a stop at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, which offers a cornucopia of art, style, history, and culture.


Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

If no one can find you, we’ll just tell them to search the nearest library, Capricorn. You’re a sign that loves knowledge and contemplation. When it comes to travel, we know we need to point you to places where you can learn new things and ponder new thoughts.

Local Pick: Drumheller, Alberta

If there is anything you ever wanted to know about beasts that once ruled the earth, you can learn about it in the esteemed Royal Tyrrell Museum. This museum is the only one in the country dedicated to paleontology, with exhibits that showcase fully assembled dinosaur bones and other fossils found in the Alberta region. If you want to see the area for yourself, a venture into Dinosaur Provincial Park is in order. Just close your eyes and imagine the big baddies taking no nonsense from anyone.

royal tyrrell museum drumheller

Royal Tyrrell Museum via Flickr/Wilson Hui

International Pick: Delray Beach, Florida, USA

When you’re ready to ghost out of conversation and find a nice quiet place to think, ponds and ferns of the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens are your refuge in Delray Beach, Florida. The gardens represent traditional Japanese design from the 8th to the 20th centuries and are meant to be a place of reflection away from life’s distractions. And if you really want to relax, you can’t miss Allure by the Sea, one of most popular day spas in the region. You’ll feel open to the world after an afternoon in this hot spot.


Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

aquarius symbol
Water Bearer, we know you don’t like being away from oceans, rivers, and streams for too long. That said, we know that you’re also a little unorthodox in your tastes. Well, Aquarius, we have just the recommendations for you.

Local Pick: Clearwater, British Columbia

It’s a flannel-wearing hipster’s dream, with jagged forest branches and rushing waters. But Clearwater, British Columbia, is a real place and even better in person than on Instagram. The best part travelling to this area? Easy access to Wells Gray Provincial Park. Here you’ll find nearly 40 waterfalls, including Helmcken Falls, the 4th largest waterfall in the country. And if you want to experience some time on the water itself, a boat ride with Clearwater Lake Tours should do the trick.

Helmcken Falls

International Pick: Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA

Love the sand but don’t want to travel to yet another over-commercialized beach town? Aquarius, you know you’re anything but #basic. That’s why we’re recommending Cannon Beach, Oregon. This unique beach town has everything you would normally expect (beautiful strand, lovely sunsets), but with a flare of the unconventional. This includes the Stormy Weather Arts Festival, which takes place in November, and the Lost Art of Nursing Museum, which celebrates the era when nurses were revered like celebrities.


Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

pisces fish
Pisces, we know you don’t like the spotlight, but we hope you don’t mind if we give you major props for being one of the most gentle and genuine signs out there. We know you’d love to spend time by the crashing waves, which is why we’re sending you to some of our favourite spots.

Local Picks: Darnley, Prince Edward Island

Truth be told, you can spend your trip canvassing all of Prince Edward Island and be perfectly at peace, but if we had to direct you to the best of the best, you have to check out the Teacup Rock formation near Darnley. This odd figure on the beach is a lone and lovely marker of time—the perfect symbol of a Pisces. And if you don’t mind a little green to mix with the blue, you can also pop into local favourite Darnley Greens golf course.

Puerto Escondido photo by Sergio Camalich via Trover.com

International Pick: Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, MX

This surfing town is one of Mexico’s best kept secrets. Enjoy time in the water without the stress of hitting yet another tourist with your board. In particular, make your way to Zicatela beach for the top waves in the area. And if you’d rather dive beneath the water, this area is popular amongst scuba divers who arrive between November and April to see an array of angelfish, butterfly fish, and groupers.

Whether you’re a fish, bull, or scorpion, there are tons of places that will match your personality type. Or go crazy and travel somewhere the complete opposite of your zodiac sign. There’s a world of exploration out there. Dare to see it.

Header photo by Steven Bostock via Trover.com