For many people, the first foreign vacation is to one of the gorgeous countries just south of the United States. Mexico is often the most popular non-domestic destination for vacationers due to popularity, accessibility, and the short flight time.

These ‘things to remember when visiting Mexico for the first time’ tips are important for your safety, comfort and ultimately your positive experience.

Keep a checklist with you, and make sure to plan for any event. Most of all, enjoy the beauty, culture and environment around you each day. These aren’t things to cause stress, just a few simple practices to keep in mind so that your trip is the best it can be – and lead to subsequent stays in Mexico.



Keep Copies Of Important Information Handy: You’ll need to have your passport handy, but you will also want to keep other important information at reach as well. Make an extra copy of things like insurance, identification and emergency contact information, and keep on your person at all times. You’ll also want a copy of your passport image and the information page of your passport as well. Finally, make sure to keep a copy of your itinerary on you, as well as given to a person you trust back home for emergency purposes. Losing identification is both a hassle and stressful, but having those copies can make all the difference.

Know Currency Exchange Rates: It will be a good idea to arrive prepared with information on exchange rates. That way you will know if you are being swindled or indeed finding a great deal when out shopping. There are tons of exchange rate apps for your smart phone to help you stay on top of the changes.

Mexico Incurs Extra Roaming Fees: Always be aware of roaming fees and surcharges of your cell phone service. Make a call prior to travel to find out what rates will be, if you can add an upgrade to your plan for your time there, and other important information regarding your cell phone service while out of your home range. Bring home the happy memories and not a huge and unexpected cell phone bill.

Let Your Bank & Credit Card Company Know Your Plans: Any time a credit or debit card is used outside Canada and the US, it can be a red flag to your bank. Rather than dealing with red tape while across the border, give your bank a call before you leave so they can make note on your account and charges in those areas are likely valid during your stay.

Don’t Drink The Water: This is often the source of laughter for many, but the truth is there are a lot of areas depending on your travel that will have unsanitary conditions. No matter where I stay, I always opt for bottled water and soft drinks over tap, and yes, this is advice based on experience.

Learn Some Spanish Before You Travel: Check out an audio book or download a language app to your phone and start working on some basic conversational Spanish. You’ll want to know a few words to navigate, negotiate and make sure you are getting what you think you are when ordering. You can also download a multitude of free apps for translation, but those can be tough to use in the midst of haggling with a vendor.

Heading out on your first trip to Mexico can be a fun and yet scary adventure. Ask for advice from seasoned travellers, and do some research in advance. That little bit of preparation before you go ensures a healthy, safe and FUN first time Mexico. Ole!

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