Culture Days is an ideal time to dive into art, good food, and new cultural experiences. During this much anticipated celebration each autumn, venues across the country invite you to tour their galleries and learn about everything from Japanese tea ceremonies to henna art. But you don’t have to wait for this special event to shout your love of all things culture. Most of the places offering Culture Days fun welcome you all the time! Here are just a few of the activities you can explore year round.


Body - Public Market

Any art lover is lucky to visit Vancouver—in fact, if you consider yourself an aficionado, plan on staying more than just a weekend. A journey to the Granville Island Public Market quickly reveals dozens of studios, galleries, and co-ops. After an afternoon spent in private studios and checking out the masterful graffiti art by OSGEMEOS on the island’s silos, head to one of the theaters in Granville Island. Yes, you can fill a week with art in the heart of Vancouver’s culture hub no matter what date the calendar reads.


During Culture Days, south British Columbia really comes alive. Venues such as the Kelowna Art Gallery excitedly welcome visitors from around the world to attend an art party and explore the exhibits. But all year round this colourful gallery showcases Canadian art and promoted education. If you’re in the area, sign up for a gallery tour or art class.


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Music lovers are certainly not forgotten during Culture Days. Across Canada, some of the top stages afford behind-the-scenes access to their productions. In south central BC, the Kamloops Symphony welcomes patrons to witness an open dress rehearsal during Culture Days. The rest of the year, a stop at the venue rewards you with stunning performances by the expert orchestra. Shows vary from Mozart to chamber music.


On the shores of Vancouver Island, Nanaimo is a haven for foodies who find themselves in BC. In late September, the aptly named FEASTIVAL showers your taste buds with flavour. The event features locally-sourced ingredients and you can even meet chefs and restaurateurs who make your favourite Vancouver dishes. While this event only lasts one day, the food available for sampling can be found on local menus all year round!


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Legacy Art Gallery in Victoria celebrates Culture Days by setting up special readings, tours, and curator talks. If you find yourself in the neighbourhood any other time of year, the gallery still welcomes you to tour its many exhibits. Brightly painted canvases, intricate sculptures, and collections dedicated to notable writers all adorn the gallery space.

Canadian artists of all sorts welcome you to celebrate all things creative during Culture Days. But there’s no reason to put limitations on your appreciation! From year’s beginning until the calendar expires, you can soak up the arts in BC and beyond.