If your idea of a good time is getting splashed by icy water as you rock a florescent-coloured poncho, you’ve got what it takes to thrive on a Niagara Falls winter vacation. You would think that this outdoors destination would close up shop when Jack Frost parallel parked his way between fall and spring, but that’s not the case in these parts. Here are the top Niagara Falls winter activities:

1. Winter Festival of Lights

If you like seeing things illuminated in pretty colors, the Winter Festival of Lights is for you. Open November through February, the festival has scheduled events like live music, weekly fireworks shows against the falls, and art pieces like the largest illuminated Canadian-American flag. It’s no surprise that nearly 1 million visitors check out this Niagara Falls winter attraction each year.

2. Niagara Falls Icewine Festival

It’s cold; let’s drink. And when it comes to great drinks, the falls knows how to keep them pouring. The yearly Icewine Festival returns each January with over 20 different local icewines to sip. Plus, there’s live music, culinary treats, and ice sculptures to pair with the buzz. Winter in Niagara Falls never looked better.

3. Butterfly Conservatory

butterfly conservatory
Some of the best moments in life are the ones wedged between contrasts. When it’s icy (but beautiful) on the outside, know that there’s a kaleidoscope of colours in the warm Butterfly Conservatory. Open all year, the conservatory is a cosy refuge and home to over 2,000 winged critters.

4. Journey Behind the Falls

You look like you have nerves of steel, so wrap up in your coat and venture into the Journey Behind the Falls tour. This unique experience takes you through a tunnel behind the falls, where you can see ice formations, puffs of cold mist from your breath, and insane views of the falls from this unique vantage point. Plus, the Niagara Falls winter rates are cheaper than summer, so…#winning.

5. Nightmares Fear Factory

Who said that you can’t relive Halloween whenever you want to? Good thing the Nightmares Fear Factory is open year-round. This haunted house is so famous for scaring people, they have their own wall of shame for those who’ve chickened out.

This winter, go where the water (and wine) flows. Niagara Falls in winter time is a destination that more than earns a spot on your travel list.