By Expedia Team, on February 19, 2021

Starcation Predictions for 2021: Where to Go with Your Ideal Travel Companions

2021 has proven to be quite an unpredictable year so far. With more uncertainties likely on the horizon, we caught up with our resident astrologists, The AstroTwins, to learn what’s written in the stars for each zodiac sign and their perfect partners…


Your Sign’s Travel Style: Colourful, physically active, exploratory and filled with one-of-a-kind experiences that will wow on social media

Your Ideal Getaway: Outdoor recreation

2021 Starcation Predictions: Independent Aries are feeling more collaborative in 2021, making this a great year to organize a getaway with a small (safe and tested) group when it’s possible to do so. Score a multi-room house or book all the rooms in a boutique hotel. Make sure there’s solid WiFi so you can make this an extended “workcation” stay. Ah, the joy of being with your people again!

While there, jump into the role of entertainment director; rent a van for scenic rides, scout out nearby hiking trails, and how about screening some films? Have everyone chip in for a portable projector that you can plug into a laptop. And don’t forget the popcorn!

Your Ideal Travel Companions: Friendly people who are playful and fun—and not above pulling a prank or two on each other. A great sense of humour is a pre-requisite for anyone who wants to travel with you in 2021, along with an open mind about exploring new activities. While you’re fine with sleeping in, you get antsy when you sit around for too long. Pick travel companions who will go on a spontaneous bike ride to discover hidden gems but also won’t get insulted when you want to jet off alone for a couple hours here and there. Without ample “me time,” you can get overloaded by a group. Just remember to let them know that you’re leaving so they don’t send out a search party!


Your Sign’s Travel Style: Luxurious, restorative, moving at a comfortable pace through beautiful scenery and high-end experiences

Your Ideal Getaway: Mountain lodge

2021 Starcation Predictions: With planets commingling in your upscale tenth house, your 2021 travel may require a larger budget. Start saving now if needed, and don’t worry if you slip off later in the year. As a steady, sensible earth sign, planning is half the fun and you don’t need to rush the process. Take time to curate your experience, from your rental vehicle to your lodging. Scout out every must-try restaurant in the area and read the reviews. Then, arrive with a luscious itinerary and revel in the IRL experience!

You love to be outdoors, but you also need your creature comforts. It’s not that you wouldn’t go camping this year, but you’d much prefer a luxe rental with huge windows and outdoor space so you can be one with nature and sheltered in style. Think: Modern architecture, with simple elements, clean lines and lots of wood, stone and glass. Bonus if there’s a fireplace—and a lovely, open kitchen so you can chat with travel companions while preparing a beautiful dinner (or plating the fancy takeout) with wine pairings. If your budget is tight, renting a sweet A-frame in the woods for a long weekend can be plenty fun. Or, park the RV near a chic mountain town and rent a car so you can drive in for day trips and yummy snacks!

Your Ideal Travel Companions: Whoever you travel with this year, one thing’s essential: Agree upon pricing and budget up front. This year finds Tauruses craving high-end experiences, and while you may find the means to enjoy luxury (even the simple kind), others in your party could be struggling. If you’re doing especially well, you might decide to treat someone to a travel experience, especially if they’ve been a great source of emotional support through the pandemic. Generous Bulls love to spoil their people, so if you have the opportunity to take someone on a gratitude journey, by all means, do so when travel opens up again.

Nature-lovers are also welcome! This year is all about pushing yourself to your personal best. You’ll love tackling a challenging trail, then celebrating at the summit with a fancy picnic. Your crew might even have to do a little pre-trip strength training to get in shape for this adventure!


Your Sign’s Travel Style: Social, active, discovery-focused with destinations that spark conversation

Your Ideal Getaway: Mid-sized metropolis

2021 Starcation Predictions: Wanderlust strikes for Geminis this year, as planets ping your ninth house of travel and global adventures. Regular changes of scenery are a must to bring you to unexplored lands. Your intellectual curiosity is also awakened so make sure to research the history of your final destination, plus any places you’ve pinned along the route. Finding the historical landmarks, buzzing about boutiques and discovering local pastry shops will be an exhilarating scavenger hunt. Just don’t spend all day reading every single plaque!

Multicultural mingling has always been your curious sign’s jam and cities that have a diverse population will be great to visit in 2021.

Your Ideal Travel Companions: Single-focused travellers who want to head straight to the rental, unpack and settle in are not your road dogs in 2021, Gemini. This year is all about detours, spontaneous reservation changes, multi-city treks and variety! Yes, that might exhaust some of the people you normally vacation with, but surely you can find one or two people who are fully on your wavelength! Invite your most good-natured friends, the ones who love to laugh, blast the radio on a stretch of open road (and film the lip sync on TikTok), and aren’t afraid to let their hair down and try new things.

Your independent spirit is aglow this year, and you might even opt for a solo road trip. Not that you’ll be alone! Map out a route that includes stopping to visit dear friends and family along the way. With enough advance planning, you can do this safely and enjoy the long overdue reunions!


Your Sign’s Travel Style: Cultured, cozy (think: home away from home), family- or BFF-oriented, pre-planned to lock down tickets and reservations… and to make sure you actually leave your vacation rental!

Your Ideal Getaway: Quaint coastal escape

2021 Starcation Predictions: Privacy, please! You’re in your water sign element this year, wanting a safe container for you and your travel crew. Even if there weren’t social restrictions, you’d probably opt for a holiday that is semi off the grid or in a town still unspoiled by tourist traps. You might even set up shop for a few weeks in a rental that becomes your home away from home. Bring favourite kitchen items (hello, espresso machine) and crafting supplies so you can really settle in.

Ideally, you’ll be nestled among trees, but don’t be a shut-in. Daily walks around the neighborhood and into town will keep your moods lifted. Take your time exploring the area, treasure-hunting for the hidden jewels like secret beaches or boutiques where everything is handcrafted with love. By the time you leave, you could practically write a cultural guide. Not that you would! You know how to keep an incredible secret and preserve the authenticity of your favorite places on the map.

Your Ideal Travel Companions: Do you trust them with your deepest emotions? That’s the criteria for your 2021 travel companions. This intimate, introspective year has Cancers reflecting on every aspect of life. You may be pondering a major transformation, like a change in relationship status, a career pivot or even a move. But you don’t take shifts like this lightly! In fact, you can get a bit obsessive as you worry about how your decisions will impact everyone around you. The fresh scenery will give you the chance to step back and explore matters from a new perspective and you’re going to need a wise sounding board (or three) who will listen compassionately as you share your epiphanies. We’re more than certain you’ve been there for them in their moments of need!

2021 is also a sultry year for Cancers, where romantic relationships are powerful, passionate and potentially permanent! You’ll revel in private time with your plus-one, so even if you’re not ready for an actual honeymoon, you can head to a secluded and sexy spot and get to know each other much, much better. If you’re looking to expand your family, you might just return home to a pink line on that test.


Your Sign’s Travel Style: Romantic, interactive, entertaining with a packed itinerary so you don’t miss a single must-see site!

Your Ideal Getaway: Bright lights, big city

2021 Starcation Predictions: As one of the zodiac’s most playful, affectionate signs, social distancing has been harder on Leos than most. Oh, how you miss those warm hugs and TLC. And let’s not even get started on the limits that restrictions have placed on your multi-venue nights on the town. But (sigh) you’re adapting like the rest of us and finding destinations with lots of outdoor activity will feed your need for playtime.

Visit a national park or look into RV rentals so you can glamp out as you explore the surrounding areas. As a fire sign, you’re all about building up the blazes to create a warm atmosphere. With a little advance planning and quarantining, you and a crew could be sitting together to share stories, raise toasts and reminisce. Danceable playlists are a must to keep the energy high on your journeys! Or maybe organize a road trip and do some social “dis-dancing” with a small (safe and tested) posse on a secluded beach!

Your Ideal Travel Companions: Two is the magic number for Leos in 2021. Whether you’re hitting the open road with a BFF or your boo, you’ll love creating magic moments with one special soul. Plus, most people can’t keep up with your energetic travel style! It’s a whole lot easier to move through a packed itinerary when you aren’t herding a whole flock of friends. Plan out the trip together to build excitement in advance. Be sure to throw in a surprise destination or two to thrill your plus-one!

That said, Leo, there’s a “risk” to only traveling with only one other person. If they burn out and want to rest while you’re just getting warmed up (it happens!), you may have to move through your day alone. Yes, you do have an independent spirit, but you’re happiest when you have a playmate by your side. That’s a case for three or four vacation buddies not being a crowd. Then again, what if you embraced the solo time? It’s not like an enchanting Lion won’t attract new “pride” members along the way!


Your Sign’s Travel Style: Planned, restorative, educational, curated with all itinerary items pre-vetted via customer reviews

Your Ideal Getaway: Wellness retreat

2021 Starcation Predictions: With planets percolating in your healthy living zone, 2021 is here to give you a galactic glow-up. A restorative getaway is optimal for Virgos this year, where you can not only de-stress from modern life, but also give your body the clean fuel it needs. Sunny locations are great mood-boosters especially if temps are warm enough for you to ride bikes, explore woodsy trails and do yoga in the park. But as long as it’s dry enough to get outside, you’ll be a happy earth sign. Feeding your body clean fuel is also regenerative, so an ideal location would have access to fresh produce and healthy take-out. If you’re planning to do a cleanse or detox, the getaway might be good timing for that.

The spirit of service is also in the air this year, so you may be drawn to “voluntourism” trips where you can donate time to a good cause while you’re away. This may take some advance planning with restrictions but it’s worth looking into, especially if the tasks can be done outdoors!

Your Ideal Travel Companions: You may be the most disciplined sign of the zodiac but like Oscar Wilde quipped, “I can resist anything except temptation.” If you’re looking to make this getaway a healing voyage, it’s unwise to bring along a drinking buddy or the friend whose idea of cardio is walking from her bed to the deck chair by your pool.

Why not organize a mini retreat with other wellness-focused friends? It doesn’t have to be as rigorous as say, bikini boot camp, but if you can push each other past your edges with daily workouts and clean eating, you’ll return home feeling great about the trip. Make sure to celebrate with a round of mocktails!


Your Sign’s Travel Style: Extravagant, entertaining, conversational, rich in photographable beauty—from the people to the scenery to the shopping and architecture

Your Ideal Getaway: Wine country

2021 Starcation Predictions: While luxury experiences may be scarce given ongoing restrictions, where there’s a will, there’s a way! Your 2021 starmap is all about high-end experiences, so you’d better start saving up. No, you probably won’t go to the extremes of Libra Kim Kardashian, who rented a private island for her 40th birthday, but if you’re going to “get away from it all,” you want to be pampered in style: beautiful scenery, sports cars and sailboats, photoshoots by outdoor murals, top-shelf drinks and five-star meals. And if a 90-minute massage can be arranged, you’ll take it!

Simpler Libras might be drawn to an artist’s town where you can gaze at colorful architecture, wander by the home of a famous painter and get inspired by the atmosphere. Decadence is not to be underrated, so even if you’re more into spoiling others than yourself, make a budget for little treats like afternoon pastries and a framed fine-art print that you can bring home to hang on the wall.

Your Ideal Travel Companions: Nothing wrong with being budget-conscious, but the friend who whips out the calculator to divide up every snack? Off the list! You love treating and being treated. This is the year to travel with people who reflexively reach for the check and faux-squabble with you about who will pay the bill. That’s not to say you shouldn’t mind your spending. Compulsive (and competitive) shopping is a risk under this year’s stars. If you have Real Housewives tastes on a real person’s budget, discuss economic parameters with your travel buddies before anyone starts ordering appetizers and champagne.

Love is in the air for Libras in 2021, so if you have a special someone in your life, tap into your imagination to create a romantic getaway. Slip off to a haute bungalow or chic chalet to enjoy private time with your boo. Single Libras might head to a city where people who share your interests tend to flock. Then, fire up the dating app with that zip code plugged in—the odds will be ever in your favour.


Your Sign’s Travel Style: Mystical, envy-inducing, off-the-beaten path, filled with opportunities to treasure hunt and uncover rare finds

Your Ideal Getaway: Spiritual mecca

2021 Starcation Predictions: Privacy, please! You’re flying under the radar in 2021, which is just how your sign prefers it. During this cozy, creative and domestic year, you’re less of an adventure traveler and more keen to scout out charming destinations that you can turn into a home away from home. You may spend extended periods of time in these places, especially if they fill you with inspiration and get you in tune with your spiritual or mystical nature. Gorgeous natural scenery plus a great crystal shop can do the trick!

Nostalgia is in the air, and a sentimental trip back home will warm your heart. Take the long way and drive there if you have the time. Scorpios will be interested in connecting to their roots, which could lead to a more planned-out voyage to visit the place your ancestors came from—and hopefully meet a relative who’s still living there.

Your Ideal Travel Companions: During this family-friendly year, you’re longing for opportunities to bond with your nearest and dearest. A multi-generational road trip with parents or your children (or both) will bring many classic moments to preserve in an album. Bonus if you can visit spots that you traveled to as a kid and recall the memories from back in the day. Make sure you have a playlist with hits from that year!

A friends’ vacation with your innermost circle will also revive you. There’s nothing a Scorpio loves more than unhurried bonding time with your loyal pals. As a water sign, beachy locations are always a plus, so why not create your own mini retreat with a small (safe and tested) crew? You can meet for morning meditations, take starlight strolls and splash in the sea—just like the good old days.


Your Sign’s Travel Style: Plenty of sunshine, places for long walks, loosely planned to leave room for discovery and spontaneous adventures with the locals you meet

Your Ideal Getaway: Bohemian beach town

2021 Starcation Predictions: You’re in a meandering mood in 2021, which means anything too placid will turn you into a frustrated traveler. In normal years, you’d probably shop, flirt and eat your way through a bustling destination, but with restrictions still in place, outdoor activity can be a stellar substitute. Can you rent a bike to cruise around town and along some trails? Walk along miles of soft sand beach to check out gorgeous homes and socially distanced sun-worshippers? Drop into bespoke shops for a caftan or handmade treasure to bring back home? If so, you’ve found your mecca.

With the karmic lunar south node in your sign all year, you may have some loose ends to tie up or the desire to connect to your ancestral heritage. This could be the year that you return to a home base to make amends with loved ones. Or maybe you’ll finally meet your long-lost cousins—even if you have to gesture by hand and use a translation app to communicate!

Your Ideal Travel Companions: How to ruin a Sagittarian’s vacation? Present you with a tightly packed itinerary of activities, mealtimes and early-morning activities. When you’re away, the last thing you want to think about is the clock. Discovering a destination once you get there is what makes traveling fun for you! If you’ve already seen a million photos and read the complainers’ reviews, the experience is spoiled. But all the same, you can waste hours of your journey by landing at the airport without any advance prep. It’s a good idea to bring someone along who likes doing the planning and research (and has actually looked at the maps) but is equally comfortable going with the flow.

Patience is a virtue with your travel mates because you can really float off on a whim. One minute you’re headed for smoothies on the beach, but before you’ve sipped the last of your pineapple-mango concoction, you’ve agreed to let a new local “friend” show you the best cave-diving spot on the island. And good luck getting your gregarious sign to stop chatting when you meet someone interesting. The people who journey with you should be fiercely independent and take no issue you with you following your bliss—as long as you don’t give them a hard time for taking off when they’re on a different wavelength. You’ll just meet up for drinks and swap stories at the end of the day!


Your Sign’s Travel Style: Sophisticated, modern, WiFi-enabled so you can check in with work, pre-planned to experience the “best of” everything from lodging to food to rentals

Your Ideal Getaway: Thriving arts town

2021 Starcation Predictions: 2020 was an intense year—and also one with lots of change and activity for you, thanks to a convergence of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in your sign. You’re out of the hot seat in 2021, and ready to embrace an easier pace that actually allows you to, say, take a break. With your refined tastes, you prefer chic, curated destinations over anything cookie-cutter. While museums and music venues are mostly shuttered, head to a destination known for its outdoor exhibits and historical architecture. Your Instagram followers will thank you but try not to share every envy-inducing experience on your feed. Some gems are meant to be hidden. It’s what keeps them authentic.

Even if you’re picking up takeout, you love a food scene. A rental with an outdoor patio or a large dining area with scenic window views can be the perfect solution for reprising the feel of a restaurant. And hey, think of how much you’ll save on uncorking fees if you pick up your own vino!

Your Ideal Travel Companions: We’re not calling you snobbish, Capricorn, but admit it, your tastes do run to the “particular.” You’d walk a mile out of your way to snag an almond croissant from the local baker or sample a craft cocktail that was written up in a magazine. Anyone who travels with you should, at minimum, appreciate you for scouting out such finds. Better yet are people who share your discerning sense of discovery and can match you with their own roster of rare gems.

And yes, you can be fussy. As a material-minded earth sign, you like the best of the best. Companions must be flexible and willing to pivot when you decide you’d like a better table or a different room, or your food heated up to a different temperature. But they should also be brave enough to give you a reality check when that custom-ordering part of you gets a little carried away.


Your Sign’s Travel Style: Quirky, one-of-a-kind, social (especially with a small group), physically active

Your Ideal Getaway: Desert escape

2021 Starcation Predictions: Can you feel the heat, Aquarius? You’re the star of 2021 as bountiful Jupiter and stabilizing Saturn tour your sign all year—and in February, they’re accompanied by four other heavenly bodies. You want to be fired up, inspired and on a mission, which can make it hard to find time to slip away. A longer trip, where you can set up to do remote work or spread out project supplies and get creative, can refuel your inspiration tanks. After a short adjustment period, you may feel more clear-headed than ever!

Active, sporty vacations can also keep you charged up for this ambitious and exciting year. Visit a national park and bring your gear! Taking breaks to move your body helps keep all your brilliant ideas flowing. Don’t be surprised if you bust through a creative block while you’re whizzing down the slopes!

Your Ideal Travel Companions: During this self-focused year, you simply have no space to play caretaker for anyone, so strike the high-maintenance or fearful travellers from your guest list. Solo sojourns will be your jam, so if you’re called to travel alone, follow your bliss! This “vision quest” will reconnect you to deeper parts of yourself, which makes you a happier companion when you get back home.

If you do invite others to join, make sure they’re equally independent but also keen to hang out and share coffee breaks, dinner and a few adventures when you have the space for it. They should also be wise and generous listeners. You’re processing a lot this year, and for a change you need to do more of the talking than the problem-solving.


Your Sign’s Travel Style: Unhurried, nostalgic, free flowing with lots of time for spontaneous discovery

Your Ideal Getaway: Remote island

2021 Starcation Predictions: 2021 is a drifty, dreamy year for Pisces, which is just how you like it. While other zodiac signs are complaining about the lack of social contact, you don’t actually mind the solitude. If you’ve been busy as an essential worker or home-schooling kids, however, you probably haven’t gotten the true “fix” you need. Retreating into beautiful nature is always restorative for you, Pisces, and with Neptune the god of the seas as your ruler, a waterfront destination is non-negotiable.

Island life is balm for the Pisces soul—and more than ever with 2021’s starmap. If the destination is known for its spiritual and holistic healing resources or is considered a “vortex” for its powerful energy, all the better for your intuitive sign. Respectfully immerse yourself in the culture, from the arts to the customs to the music. You’ll return home with your eyes, heart and chakras wide open!

Your Ideal Travel Companions: Type A friends are not welcome on your 2021 journeys. This year, you need to travel with fellow nomads who prefer to flow freely through each day rather than to be tied to a schedule. You like to feel out the destination after you get there, then make your plans from the space of your GPS coordinates. Companions who are also sensitive to environment will enjoy mapping out the trip as you go, getting tips from friendly locals or by dropping into places that look intriguing. Do make reservations when something appeals!

You love your long, insightful conversations. Whether you’re driving, journaling on the beach or exploring town, people who enjoy your “random musings” are your sojourning soulmates. And if they share their own pop-up epiphanies for you to help dissect, all the better!


Where will the stars take you in 2021?


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