Zocalo Square showing night scenes
Ridged by a sweeping range of volcanoes and mountains, this east-central Mexican state has a rich agricultural heritage and is home to the Cinco de Mayo festival.

Experience Puebla’s rich history and natural appeal as you explore the state’s heritage cities, charming haciendas, awe-inspiring pre-Hispanic archaeological sites and forest-fringed waterfalls. Choose from the state’s 12 designated tourist routes to get a special insight into architectural treasures, historical landmarks and natural wonders. Visit sprawling cities speckled with colonial buildings and learn about the state’s five major indigenous groups. Explore national parks and wilderness reserves to experience the green lungs of this diverse state.

A great place to begin your travels in Puebla is by visiting the capital city of the same name. The city of Puebla has a gorgeous Zócalo (city center) that was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status for its magnificent colonial architecture. Key attractions in the city include the Puebla Cathedral, the Baroque Church of Santo Domingo and Los Fuertes (The Forts). Pick up souvenirs at the Los Sapos artists’ district, the Artisans’ Market or the Antiques Market. Popular places for families include the Africam Safari zoo park. Outside of the city, you’ll find the ruins of the 16th-century Convent of Tecali de Herrera and the town of Cholula.

Venture outside Pueblo city’s metropolitan area to discover the wild landscapes of the mountain ranges and the fertile pastures of the state’s farmlands. The state’s southern area, Sierra Mixteca, contains four specialized tourist routes. Visit the state’s second-largest city, Tehuacán, which is famed for its natural springs, cactus gardens and the nearby Zapotitlán Salinas.

The states northerly region, Sierra Norte, features a collection of pre-Hispanic sites and a rich indigenous heritage. Learn about indigenous arts and crafts, such as amate paper, in the town of Pahuatlán and silverware in the municipality of Amozoc. Explore the rugged mountain ranges of the Izta-Popo Zoquiapan National Park on a horseback-riding or hiking tour.

Reach the state via its international airport in Huejotzingo. Mexico City’s international airport is 2.5 hours’ drive from the city of Puebla. Stay in picturesque haciendas or central city hotels in Puebla. Explore the region by charter tour, taxi or local bus. Experience Puebla during the exciting festivities for Cinco de Mayo or observe the traditional celebrations of the Day of the Dead in Huaquechula.