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Mississauga which includes modern architecture and signage
A wide range of attractions including spectacular artwork, historic streets and pristine gardens make this one of Toronto’s most appealing suburbs.

Start your visit to the lively suburb of Mississauga at Celebration Square. Along with several bars and cafés, another main attraction is the impressive Civic Center. This houses a gym and restaurant as well as the Art Gallery of Mississauga on the ground level. View modern and contemporary works from international artists as well as talented people from the community.

See additional paintings and sculptures at the Living Arts Centre across the street. Return in the evening to enjoy a show at one of the two theaters. Performances cater for a variety of tastes with modern musicals, orchestra and comedy nights.

The town has a delightful waterfront, especially that located in and around Port Credit, a short bus ride southeast. Walk down elegant streets of antique furniture and clothing stores and have a delicious fresh pastry or doughnut from one of the family bakeries here. Take an evening stroll through Memorial Park and admire the boats in the marina before having dinner near the lake.

For a break from the bustling streets and squares, meander around some of the city’s extensive parkland. Sit under a tree in J.C. Saddington Park and gaze out across Lake Ontario or recharge your mind and body in the tranquil Kariya Park Japanese Gardens, a 10-minute walk east of the town center.

Enjoy superb fishing conditions at Credit River, with abundant stocks of chinook, pink and Atlantic salmon. Play golf at Lakeview Golf Course near the water or BraeBen Golf Course farther west, both offering 18-hole courses.

During summer and autumn the city hosts several festivals. The Waterfront and Bread & Honey festivals both happen in June before the annual celebration of jazz and blues music in mid-September.

Mississauga is a 30-minute drive west of central Toronto. The city’s neighborhoods have a variety of restaurants, with particularly good Korean, Chinese and Indian food available. Stay in a hotel in the heart of town or find an apartment overlooking the lake.

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Frozen in time: AVRO CF-100.
Legion Memorial Gardens

Northeast Mississauga

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Northeast Mississauga is popular for its ample dining options, and you might make a stop by Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada, a top place to visit in the area.

Northeast Mississauga
Port Credit which includes a marina, a lake or waterhole and a house

Port Credit