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Visit the building blocks of Western civilization, swim and sunbathe on beautiful Mediterranean islands and enjoy the lively nightlife scene.

As the birthplace of democracy, Greece has a fascinating history and a colorful and distinct culture. Its famous cuisine, idyllic islands and pristine beaches make it a popular vacation destination. Learn about the country’s rich past through ancient city ruins and old temples dotted along the gorgeous coast.

Get a sense of what it means to be Greek with a trip to Athens, the capital. Among the historic highlights is the cliff-top Acropolis complex that dates back to 500 B.C. View the crumbling Parthenon temple, with imposing marble columns and pediment. Visit the bars in the city center and sample the local cuisine, featuring pita bread and seasoned skewered meats.

Explore the rich tapestry of Ancient Greece with visits to other sites in far-flung parts of the country. One popular attraction is the Delphi ruins near Mount Parnassus. Head inland for the wonderful Meteora monasteries that were constructed atop jagged rock formations for spiritual elevation. Ascend the sets of outdoor steps to reach the viewing platforms for panoramic vistas.

Enjoy a change of scenery with several days on the spectacular beaches of Greece’s Mediterranean Coast. Take boats to some of the islands to relax on pristine stretches of white sand alongside cultural attractions. The countless beaches and resorts of Mykonos make it among the most popular islands for vacationers.

The seaside village of Fira on Santorini island is particularly scenic, with its cliff of houses typified by whitewashed façades surrounding a blue-domed church. Gaze down upon the sea-filled caldera of the island’s active volcano and bask in its thermal waters.

Find this historic country on the northern coastline of the Mediterranean Sea in the southeastern part of Europe. It is just southeast of Italy and shares borders with Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey and other countries. Fly to the Athens International Airport and take domestic flights to other cities or ride boats to the islands.

Greece is Europe’s cultural and historic cornerstone, with culinary delights, awe-inspiring ruins and idyllic island beaches.

Popular cities in Greece

Acropolis showing night scenes, heritage elements and building ruins
Known for Museums, Historical and Cafes
This sparkling white, world-class city will take your breath away with dazzling hilltop views of the mountains and sea, and glimpses into the age of antiquity.

Reasons to visit

  • Acropolis Museum
  • Syntagma Square
  • Port of Piraeus
Pefkos Beach featuring a beach
Known for Beaches, Historical and Family-friendly
The ruins of ancient civilizations stand at every turn in the namesake city on the spectacular Greek island of Rhodes, where the modern and the historic blend seamlessly together.

Reasons to visit

  • Tsambika Beach
  • Pefkos Beach
  • Lindos Beach