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Daytona Beach

Known for Beach, Family-friendly and Sea

The ocean-front home of NASCAR is where to catch a ground-shaking race before cooling off in the surf.

How do you get to Daytona Beach?

Visit Daytona Beach for its world-famous, adrenaline-fueled action at the NASCAR International Speedway and then explore the many other attractions on offer. The area is home to an amusement pier and water park, museums, galleries and many outdoor and eco-adventures.

Kick off your stay at Daytona by watching sports cars, motorcycles and even trucks race around the track at breakneck speeds at the International Speedway. The speedway hosts the legendary Daytona 500 and dozens of other events throughout the year. Discover what it’s like inside a stock car, explore the garages and get onto the track during one of the tours available at the speedway. Most types of tours are run daily and last from 30 minutes to three hours. Book in advance for the VIP tour. Check the official website for details.

Hit the beach where motoring enthusiasts have been flocking since the early 20th century. The compacted sand made it a prime spot for early racing and land-speed record attempts. By the 1930s, stock cars were racing along the beach. The sport soon became popular, and races moved to the NASCAR International Speedway when it was constructed in the 1950s.

You can drive along designated parts of Daytona Beach during the day for a small fee.Be aware that you’ll be sharing the sand with pedestrians, bicyclists and wildlife, so speed limits are low.

Take a swim anywhere along the beach or sit back and relax on the car-free stretch. Dry off and go for a walk along the old-fashioned boardwalk. Kids will love the amusement pier and arcades. Stop at the Halifax Historical Museum or check out the Museum of Arts and Sciences. When it’s time to get wet again, head to Daytona Lagoon Water Park or book an aquatic adventure, from scuba diving to Jet Skiing.

Daytona Beach is a winning combination of race tracks, beach culture, adventures and history.

Things to do in Daytona Beach

Whether you’re a casual observer or a diehard racing fan, this speedway is the go-to destination for adrenaline-filled entertainment.

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Join us for a two hour scavenger hunt mixed with a pub crawl and historical tour of Daytona Beach! Groups of 8-15 people can book the tour (even though Expedia shows max 8 people you can really bring up to 15) and get ready to pedal and hunt for the prize.

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