This year is celebrating its 15th year of shaping the way Canadians travel. As Canada’s leading full-service online travel provider, we took a look back at the flights taken, hotels booked, cars rented and travel memories made by Canadians who travelled with

Thank you for making these past 15 years so memorable – we can’t wait for 15 more! Here are some things we’ve learned along the way:

Since 2000, we’ve sold one room night for every man, woman and child in Canada. That’s a lot of beds to make.

15th Anniversary Stamp RoomNights

Outside of North America, the most popular destination booked since 2000 has been Italy. It’s also been confirmed seatbelts fit a little tighter when travelling back home from this popular destination.

15th Anniversary Stamp Italy

Since 2000, Canadians have booked the most hotel stays in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal compared to any other destinations globally.

15th Anniversary Stamp TOVANMTL

Since 2006, we’ve flown over 53.4 billion kilometers! That’s the equivalent of flying around the Earth 1.3 million times! Yeah, we get around.

15th Anniversary Stamp kilometers

In 15 years, Canadians have spent a combined 1.3 million nights in Vegas and helped to create 1.3 million stories that will never be repeated.

15th Anniversary Stamp vegas

Since 2000, Canadians have enjoyed over half a million nights in New York City.

15th Anniversary Stamp NYC

In the last 15 years, Canadians have booked enough individual trips on to take a different trip every day for 75,000 years.

15th Anniversary Stamp Trips

Over 15 years, Canadians have rented more cars with than the total amount of vehicles sold in Canada in 2014.

15th Anniversary Stamp Cars

Canadians have saved over $80MM in the last two years ALONE by bundling flight + hotel together.

15th Anniversary Stamp Savings