The past year has seen our typical work patterns for many turned upside down, with several companies extending remote work policies well into 2021. With this shift in how we work comes a new and exciting opportunity for employees to merge flexible working and epic getaways.  

So, instead of 2020’s ‘Work From Home’ status quo, why not try a ‘Work From Here’ trip in 2021? A blended workcation helps to increase productivity and promote a happier work/life balance, according to Expedia’s recent researchWhether you want to enjoy a free breakfast each morning, avoid the noisy neighbours building works or simply break up the day-to-day monotony of working from your home and enjoy an invigorating viewExpedia has found the top tips to make booking a workcation stress-free 

  1. Make your space comfortable. Your room might have an amazing four poster bed, but that’s not ideal for a day of zoom calls, so check your desk situation. Expedia tip: SomVIP Access hotels on Expedia offer upgrades to Expedia Rewards members, if there is availability. Look out for a VIP Access hotel and you might get your room promoted’!
  2. Choose a room with a view. Marvelling at an awesome view whilst writing an email is one of the joys of working remotely. At the booking stage, take note of whether you can book a garden, sea or courtyard view. If not, check out how far you are from outdoor space, so you can enjoy frequent breaks of fresh air. 
  3. Check your connection. You’ll need a good connection to be productive at work. Guest reviews are golden for finding out if the Wi-Fi is good enough but if you’re not sure or want to check costs, call or message the front desk ahead of your stay.
  4. Plan your work/life balanceKeeping productivity levels high but still making time to explore your new surroundings during your WFH trip is a must, so plan to have a lunchbreak each day somewhere newDuring scheduled time off, research what activities are firm favourites for locals, so you can relax into the area as soon as you clock off.
  5. Bring back-up tech. Have you ever been on an urgent deadline but your laptop charger has stopped working? Eliminate the stress of failing technology by looking for the nearest technology repair shop or bringing back-up essentials. Extra phone charger, check. Spare laptop charger, check. 

Lastly and most importantly, it’s key that all travellers check government advisories before going on a WFH trip. For added peace of mind, Expedia’s COVID-19 travel guide provides resources to help you travel smart during these difficult times.