Welcome to part two of our Women’s World Cup series! For the first time ever, Canada is hosting the event, and it’s been nothing but high intensity since the first kick. The sweat, the strain, the deft dodges, the confident punts—it doesn’t get grander than this. The games are taking place in the biggest cities in the country, so we’re here to highlight the top things to do in Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver during the Women’s World Cup.

Part 1: Ottawa

Part 2: Montreal

Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city in the world, and offers quaint European charm to go with the insane soccer chants. It’s a historic city, with a wealth of art and culture, as well as an illustrious past of hosting world-stage soccer. Between game matches and blueberry scones, there’s a ton to see and experience. Here are some of the top things to do in Montreal during the Women’s World Cup.

Old Montreal

Inside Architectural of Notre-Dame Basilic of Montreal

There’s little doubt you’ve already seen Montreal, even before you find your spot in the soccer stands. Notre-Dame Basilica is one of the most famous landmarks in both Quebec and Canada as a whole. It rests in the Old Montreal area, which is filled with cobble stones, coffee shops, and upscale boutiques. While you’re in the area, stop at any open art galleries, photograph the Gothic buildings, or do as the locals do and order a cappuccino and croissant and people watch from café windows. You might even run into a few soccer fans eating pastries next to you.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA)

This Women’s World Cup is sure to go down in the history books. Even now, the hard work and the beautiful plays have been nearly frame-worthy. Between matches, go visit some other works of art at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA). There are over 40,000 items in the collection, with paintings, sculptures, photographs, and graphic prints. There’s also a special section dedicated to Quebec and Canadian art, with a whole wing open to international art. Make a visit to the MMFA one of your “goals” during your trip.

Mount Royal

Soccer fans aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty, so if you feel like scaling up a hill, make your way to Mount Royal. The slope overlooks the entire city and is home to the Mount Royal Park. It’s one of the city’s largest green spaces and offers recreation sports including, you guessed it, soccer.

Montreal Botanical Gardens

Chinese garden at Montreal Botanical garden

Soccer is nothing without a great field, which any of the players on AstroTurf will tell you. When you want to be around real flora, don’t miss a trip to the Montreal Botanical Gardens. There are 10 greenhouses, each tailored to a specific plant or theme. In fact, there are over 25,000 types of flowers, trees, and vegetation within the gardens. After all your cheering at the field, a walk through the Japanese Zen Garden should help you find some inner peace before returning to Olympic Stadium.

With a baguette in one hand and your team’s flag in the other, you’re ready to experience everything Montreal as to offer.

Which activities would you recommend checking out in Montreal?