Whether you’re married, in a new relationship, or just trying to break out of the friend zone, one of these date ideas is the perfect way to woo someone special in Toronto. From downtown to York, these unique destinations will have your date on their Toron-toes.

Make Your Date See Stars

Detail from the Milky Way

Want a date destination out of this world? Try the David Dunlap Observatory. Located on a large estate in North York, the observatory hosts frequent star-gazing events. You’ll look like a serious romantic for proposing the idea, and the chilly air means you have no choice but to snuggle up in the dark. Others will be watching the falling stars through the telescope, but all you’ll see is your date falling head over heels in love.

Limber Up

Are you still waiting for the end of the date to get hot and sweaty? Step up your game and head to a hot yoga class for couples. Explain that the point of attending the “8 Limbs, 2 Hearts” yoga course is to learn how to connect better as a couple. Then enjoy the fact that the date consists of wearing as little as possible and touching for the full 60 minutes. Yo-ganna love it!

It’s All About the Sax

The Rex

The Rex, located in the Queen West neighbourhood of Toronto, is the perfect place to bring a date when you want to look cool and sophisticated. The Rex typically has two or three jazz shows per day, which means you don’t have to do much planning in advance. Even better? The jazz shows are free, provided you are also enjoying a drink or two while you’re there. All that sax can only lead to treble, right?

Make Waves at the Sheraton

Don’t think that dating ends once the snow arrives in Toronto. When winter hits TO, it’s not unusual to go on several dates before you even know what someone looks like under their puffer jacket. Strip down and show them a seriously good time by heading to the heated pool at the Sheraton Hotel. A little known fact is that you don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to swim, although you will have to pay a $35 entrance fee. Since the heated pool is outdoors, you can watch the stars as you swim. You won’t be in hot water over this date choice–it’s bound to go swimmingly!

Brew Some Romance

Photo attribution: Flickr/Creative Commons/Julie, Dave & Family/Via/https://flic.kr/p/Rbz2s

Photo attribution: Flickr/Creative Commons/Julie, Dave & Family/Via/https://flic.kr/p/Rbz2s

Let’s be honest: Sometimes dates need a little alcohol to keep them interesting. On Saturdays, Amsterdam Brewery offers a free tour for visitors that concludes with a much-needed beer tasting. The Mill Street Brew Pub, located in the appropriately named Distillery District, has daily tours. Your date will be impressed by your planning, it costs nothing, and you still get to drink a beer at the end of it. Win!

From heated swimming pools to star observatory outings, no one will be able to resist your charms on these dates. And if all else fails, you can drown your sorrows at the free brewery tour. Hop to it!

What are your favourite date ideas in Toronto?