T.O., let’s go! Wedding season is coming and you can’t say “I do” without an epic party with your boys. As it so happens, there’s a ton of ways to have a big event in the city that can fit every type of mood and style. Without further ado, here are the best bachelor party ideas in Toronto.

For paintball fanatics

Ah yes. The paintball range. That perfect place to test out your offensive and defensive skills as you destroy the competition. Are you sure your best man is up to snuff? This is his chance to prove himself. Top paintball locations include Defcon Paintball, which throws in two large pizzas if you book as a group, and Paintball City, which is open until 11 p.m. on weekends.

For comedy lovers

Every group has that one friend who thinks they’re hilarious. Time to see if they’ve still got it. One of the best bachelor party ideas in Toronto is visiting The Second City Comedy Theatre, where greats like Mike Myers and Martin Short got their starts. Each set ends with an audience-inspired improv set, so stay on your toes.

For those who love sharp objects

You and the guys want to throw some stuff? Excellent! The best Toronto, Canada bachelor party ideas include plenty of sharp objects to sail through the air. Grab yourself a nice sharp axe and send it hurling to the bullseye. Top axe-throwing places are Bad Axe, which has seen celebs like Hugh Jackman and Charles Barkley walk in, and BATL, which offers trophies and snacks for a full experience.

For those with perfect aim

Someone in the bachelor party starting to get on your nerves? Nothing solves a little aggression like archery tag. When you stop into places like Battle Sports or Archery District, you can aim your arrows at your buddies for the chance to win bragging rights.

For wannabe bartenders

Impress your friends and your in-laws when you shake up cocktails so good, they’ll want to tip you. One of the best bachelor party ideas in Toronto is signing up for a bartending class. Plan your party at Bartending School of Ontario for their mixology class; Toronto Institute of Bartending for their cocktail workshop; or Famous Last Words for their literary-themed cocktail classes, including whiskey drinks inspired by Oscar Wilde and unusual mixes inspired by Neil Gaiman.

For future pilots

Wedding planning is basically jumping into the unknown and doing everything you can to land gracefully. If you can handle a wedding, you should feel pretty equipped to take on skydiving! If you have an especially adventurous group of friends, head over to Skydive Toronto in nearby Barrie. They’ve been open since 1972 and have performed almost a half million successful jumps.

Want the experience of skydiving without the whole dropping to earth part? Head over to iFly Toronto. You’ll put on a full flight suit with goggles before jumping into a flight chamber that has you floating above ground. Each flight lasts 60 seconds, which is the same amount of a time a real freefall skydive takes.

If you and your friends want to learn how to fly, take the guys to uFly, where you can hop in the cockpit and fly a commercial jet…err, with the help of a flight simulator, of course.

For pool party fans

Is your shindig happening in the warmer months? Nothing says a bachelor party like a pool party in Toronto. Remember to pack your swim trucks before dipping into the waters at Cabana Pool Bar. Reserve a table for perks like a dedicated cabana space, bottle service and beverages, and food from Oliver and Bonacini.

For speed demons

Dominate the competition (or just your friends) on the racetrack. A place like K1 allows you and your buddies to battle it out in fast cars that go up to 45 km/h. It’s what you wish your morning commute could be like: fast lanes and no traffic.

For those who love nostalgia

Have you and your buddies been friends since you were pimply and playing video games all day long? Honor the past with a few shots of gin to match.

Tilt is the largest retro arcade bar in the city, with over 50 arcade and pinball machines. Challenge your friends to the top score, and the loser buys the next round. And they’ll be more than able to afford it, given that the $5 cover fee allows you to play all the games as much as you want. Arcade favorites like Donkey Kong, Nintendo 64, foosball, and skee-ball are all here and ready for action.

Here’s something you don’t see every day: advanced tickets to skip the line at an arcade bar. Yup, Zed*80 is so popular, you’ll often see crowds lined out the door. So pick up tickets (for under $6) for your crew and stay as long as you’d like. With strong drinks and over 40 games, pinball machines, and foosball tables, it’s the place where nostalgia meets competition.

For climbers

It’s probably not advisable to take a bunch of newbies out to sheer cliffs, but you can get the guys ready for future adventures when you take rock climbing lessons. Spots like Joe Rockhead’s Indoor Rock Climbing teach you how to belay rope and successfully climb a tricky surface. And of course, you can race each other to the top when the lesson is over. It’s one of the ideal bachelor party activities that will lead to just as much fun as rivalry between you and the groomsmen.

For beer lovers

You and your university buds probably would have liked history class better if it came with beer. Luckily, it’s not too late to catch up. The Small Group Beer Tour is led by a “verified beer geek” who will explain beer’s history in Toronto spanning war, fire, and waves of cholera. Each stop is a historical pub in the city and includes a free pint at the bar.

For clubbers

Really want to party it up before the big day? Without getting into too much trouble with your partner, there are plenty of nightlife options around town. But first, rent yourself a party bus in Toronto before you hit the best clubs in the city. Party buses often come with full bars, loud sound systems, and best of all, a designated driver who will get you home in one piece.

With a DD in place, it’s time to work out all those nervous wedding jitters. Toronto is full of dance clubs that give you and the guys the soundtrack you need to sway and drink the night away. Top choices include Rebel, which has an enormous 65-foot stage that plays host to some of the biggest names in the DJ world; Coda, which keeps the party going until 5 a.m. on weekends; and Lost and Found, which is known for their VIP bottle service.

For those looking for variety

Want a little bit of everything? The Rec Room is a 40,000-square foot space that has everything you need for an unforgettable night with the guys. Start with any of the 80 games, including Pac-Man and Mario Kart. Or battle out your university buddies at ping-pong and see who still has the skills to win. Aside from games, Rec Room also has a rotating calendar of live music on the big stage. Oh, and don’t worry about eating ahead of time. There’s an impressive menu with Canadian-inspired dishes that represent each coast.
Where to stay in Toronto

Where to stay in Toronto

Whether you’re looking for a night on the town or something to work out your muscles, your main mission when picking a hotel in Toronto is location. Here are some top spots:

  • Downtown Toronto – This area gives you and the groomsmen easy access to just about everything. From trendy restaurants along Ossington Avenue to drinks in the Distillery District, you’ll have more than a few dozen options.
  • Midtown – If you and your guys want the ultimate pub crawl, book your bachelor party headquarters in the Midtown area. You’ll find an assortment of bars, clubs, and live music venues.
  • West Queen West – With a name like this, you know it’s hipster to the extreme. This neighbourhood has the hottest hipster bars, galleries, and graffiti walls in the city. It’s the ideal spot for Instagram pics of the weekend getaway.

Bachelor parties are a time to reconnect with your favourite friends and introduce your best buds from university, work, and life to each other. Together, you’ve built a crew who will not only have a blast during this party weekend, but will be there to celebrate with you for years to come. Simply book your flights to Toronto, pick out a hotel, and throw the best bachelor party Toronto has ever seen.

Visiting Toronto for the first time?
Q: Do you need a passport to visit Canada?
A: Yes, you will need a valid passport to visit Canada, including if you’re driving here from the U.S.
Q: Can you have an open container in Canada?
A: No, open containers are illegal in the provinces. The penalty fee is $125 in Toronto, so drink up before you leave the licensed venue.
Q: Is USD accepted in Canada?
A: No. You’ll need to transfer your cash into Canadian dollars.