Top 5 Things to Do at Niagara Falls

While seeing the falls is the thing on everyone’s agenda when they go to Niagara Falls, there is a wealth of things to do and see on a vacation to the famous landmark. If you’re the kind of person who loves things off-the-beaten-path, consider Niagara Falls as your personal challenge. Here are only five things to do for a memorable vacation to the Falls.

Table Rock and Trail

Table Rock is the place most visitors begin. Visit the Welcome Center, a great resource for traveller information. However, there is much more to see and to find at Table Rock. It is home to several food areas and a restaurant; so, it is great place to fuel up the body. You will need to so before you start out on the trail that starts at Table Rock and follows the edge of Niagara Gorge past the end of Clifton Hill. It is the best hiking trail for seeing Niagara Falls. Also, at Table Rock you can experience the 4D theatre, which is great fun for the kids.

View Niagara Falls from Different Angles

You can experience Niagara Falls in many different ways. After walking the trail from Table Rock, you might want to get closer. Hornblower Niagara Cruises has two 700-passenger ships that take you right up to the bottom of the falls. Tickets can be purchased in advance online or at the Hornblower Ticket Plaza near the foot of Clifton Hill. Travellers from all over the world have enjoyed seeing the falls from these famous boats since 1846.

For an aerial view, Skylon Tower enables you to see Niagara Falls from above it all. At the base of the Tower, visitors can enjoy an indoor amusement area, restaurants, and a 4D theatre. It is also home to two dining rooms with spectacular views, the Skylon Tower Summit Suite Buffet Dining Room, and the Skylon Tower Revolving Dining Room.

Get Scared

The Nightmare Fear Factory is the most famous of Niagara Falls’ haunted houses, but it is not the only one. A number of houses in Niagara Falls have haunting legends. If want to get the adrenaline flowing, you have many options to choose. Besides the Nightmare Fear Factory, many find the Screamers House of Horrors terrifying.

Creepy enough for some, and perhaps even creepier, are ghost walk tours. After dark, Niagara Ghost Walks will take you on a lantern lit tour of Niagara Falls’ most haunted locations. These tours provide not just creeps, but an interesting take on the history of Niagara Falls.

Flowers and Butterflies

Niagara Parks’ Botanical Gardens is less than 7 km from the Falls. It is 40 hectares of beauty with free admission. The Botanical Gardens have been in existence since 1936. The Gardens are meticulously maintained and incredibly pleasing to the eye. It is internationally famous for its 2,400 plant rose garden. Horse and carriage tours are available for seeing the Gardens if you are willing to pay the fee. If not, a casual stroll through the gardens is a wonderful way to slow down the pace of a vacation and relax for a day.

The Botanical Gardens are also home to the Butterfly Conservatory. Admission is charged to the conservatory, but if you have children or if you just love the beauty of butterflies, the cost is worth it. The Butterfly Conservatory is home to over 2,000 tropical butterflies that fly freely within the confines of the Conservatory. The tour begins with an educational video. Afterwards, you take a walking, self-guided tour of the Conservatory enjoying the beauty of the butterflies and the flowers and plants where they make their home. Your children will never forget it.

Enjoy the Fireworks

You can enjoy one of the most incredible firework shows to be seen anywhere while visiting the falls. The fireworks are the result of the collaboration and sponsorship of all the attractions around Niagara Falls. You find the schedule for the illumination shows online. The fireworks are a great way for couples to kick off a romantic evening together.

For more information about these and other things to do at Niagara Falls, visit the website for Niagara Parks. You can find other tourism information at Niagara Falls Tourism.

 Which activity are you looking forward to the most in Niagara Falls?

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