Top 5 Sports to Try in Revelstoke

Deep in the thick forests of British Columbia is Revelstoke, a green playground for those who love the great outdoors. It’s the perfect place to test your boundaries by trying some new activities. We’re taking a peek inside the charming mountain town of Revelstoke to present you the top five sports to try in this grand open space.

1. Rock climbing

Dust your fingers and test your rope; it’s time to rock climb. Revelstoke has over 300 climbing routes, 46 developed cliffs, 14 climbing areas, and 444 pitches. Short climbs are about 15 m in height, whereas the longer ones can range up to 450 m. Fittingly, the hardest trails are called “The Noose” and “The Last Tango,” but we have faith you can make it to the tippy top no problem.

2. Paragliding

Have you ever looked up at the birds above and wanted to fly? Well, with a harness and good parachute, you can fly over the land below in Revelstoke. Sign up for a paragliding flight where you’re strapped in with an experienced pilot and drifted slowly from the clouds to the earth.


3. Kayaking

When was the last time you were awed? When you were last surrounded by untampered nature, crisp and clean? If you can’t remember, hop into a kayak and see the world with oar in hand. Revelstoke is in the Kootenay Rockies region, where the Columbia River swells into two large lakes. The clear blue waters are calm, and the shore is lined with thick forest and snowcapped mountains. It’s a great occasion to simply bob down the stream and let go of stress from back home.

4. Heli-biking

You know how most of the time when you go for a spin on your bike, you pass by nice houses and lawns? Well Revelstoke ain’t got time for that. This is the city to try out some intense heli-biking, where you and your ride are literally lifted into a helicopter and flown to remote, rugged trails. In Revelstoke, you’re dropped off on the summit of Mount Cartier, with the backdrop of the rich Columbia Valley. The trails are challenging to say the least, but the views are unparalleled, and the thrill of the experience is well worth the excursion.

5. Hiking

Get ready to hear the crunch of gravel under your feet when you hike through Revelstoke. There are a ton of trails to match every skill set, though the Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail is the most universal. The pathway passes by centuries-old trees and is even-leveled most of the walk. For something more strenuous, try the Keystone Standard Basin Trail, which passes through alpine meadows and leads to the Keystone Standard Cabin, a common stopping point 11 km from the trail head.

Stretch your legs, wiggle your fingers, and prepare to experience the best the area has to offer. Revelstoke is considered an outdoor paradise for a reason. For more information on the plethora of opportunities for outdoor adventures both in the summer and winter months visit

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