It seems that boaters and jet-setters are after a lot of the same things – adventure, relaxation, lakes, oceans and just an awesome time with family and friends! So, we couldn’t think of a better partner to work with in our search for the best Caribbean destinations for on-water activities and boating fun! It makes sense: BOATsmart! certifies boaters with their Canadian Boating License to get them on the water and Expedia gets Canadians in the air with their awesome travel deals! We go together like PB & J.



Our destination curiosity is super specific. We want to know where EXACTLY the best spots are to have some fun on the water and do some boating, snorkelling, kayaking, surfing or catamaran partying in the sunny south! But no worries, we’ve taken ‘trip vibes’ into account! Different strokes for different folks, right?

I mean, you can lounge in a beach chair for seven days  (and no offence, if that’s your cup o’ tea!), but these days, the second you step off the plane and the warm air hits your face, you’ll be blitzed with awesome opportunities for on-water fun! As boaters, we think that’s pretty awesome.



So after doing some research, we found a great vacation spot for families, a place where you can just kick back and relax on vacation and a trip destination where a good party is guaranteed.

Here’s what we discovered:

1) Best Family Trip Destination: HUATULCO, MEXICO!


Huatulco offers tourists no less than 9 different bays to explore with gorgeous, calm, clear water – it’s the perfect snorkelling conditions for beginner snorkelers and families with little ones. You can actually spot the tropical fish right off the beach! If your kids are older or you’re feeling adventurous, you’ll have no trouble hiring or renting a boat to explore the coral reefs and secluded beach areas of Huatulco. Check out trips to Huatulco by clicking here!

Going south with little ones?


Remember when you’re travelling with little kids, they should always wear a life jacket or personal flotation device when they’re splashing around in the pool, ripping around on boogie boards at the beach or just hanging out close to shore.  Stay close and make sure your wee ones are wearing some kind of ‘floatie’.

2) Most Relaxing Trip Destination: ARUBA!


This island happens to have the absolute BEST ocean playground for boaters and divers. It’s nothing but clear waters, limestone landscapes, historic shipwrecks, coral reefs and blindingly white beaches for miles. If you’re renting a boat and doing your own cruising, beware the high winds that are common on Aruba’s coastal waters and make sure you have the skills you need by taking the Online BOATsmart! Course and getting your Canadian boating license before you go! Check out trips to Aruba by clicking here!

3) Top Party Destination in the Caribbean: TAKE YOUR PICK!


If you’re looking for nightlife fun, word on the street is you’ll find it in the bustling bars and clubs of:

Search for your ultimate party destinations by clicking here!



If you love a good party, you can spend a full day cruising around on a pirate ship, sailboat, yacht or a big beautiful catamaran. But before climbing aboard any type of boat, take some travel advice from the boating pros:

  • Never drink alcohol if you’ll be operating a boat
  • Always wear your life jacket when out at sea
  • Make sure your kids wear a flotation device whenever they’re on a boat or playing in or near the water
  • Pack a hat and lots of drinking water if you expect to be under the hot sun all day
  • Stay seated if the wind picks up and the waves get rolling



If you’ll be renting a boat to operate yourself, it’s a really smart idea to take the Online BOATsmart! Course before you go and get your Canadian Boating License. You’ll be able to truly relax on your vacation if you know you’ve got the skills you need to officially call yourself ‘Captain’.



Need more booking motivation? Take your pick:

  1. If you can dream it you can do it!
  2. Canadian summer is still several MONTHS from now…
  3. You’re Vitamin D deficient and NEED the sun. Doctor’s orders.
  4. You’re better at making sand mermaids than snow angels.

Finally, CONGRATS to our friends at Expedia (the travel gods) for celebrating 15 years in business! We love having trip experts like you around (especially this time of year)!